Jan 012012

This post comes your way from our friend groverXIII (The Number of the Blog).

Over at TNOTB, I talked about Cut Your Teeth with fair regularity. They originally approached us with a video to a song from their self-titled EP, and I became infatuated with their energetic blend of thrash metal and old-school hardcore. Then, this past year they released their first full-length, CYTII, and that infatuation turned into totally heterosexual, not-at-all gay love. (Okay, maybe a little gay.) CYTII made my end-of-year list (forthcoming in the next few days), and their ‘Stallion’ video is one of my favorites of the year, capturing the raw power of these New Yorkers perfectly.

And then, a few days ago, Cut Your Teeth released a new song and video called ‘If It’s Loud’, and it’s fast, angry, thrashy, and, well, loud. It’s not a long song by any means, clocking in at just a hair under two and a half minutes, but it just plain fucking rips, and that’s what it’s all about. With the thrash revival, there are a lot of bands out there playing thrash metal, but with many of them you kind of wonder if they’re just going through the motions. Cut Your Teeth may not be the most talented band in the world, but their intensity and sheer energy cannot be questioned.

Seriously, metal needs more bands like these guys, toiling away in obscurity but still giving it their all. I’d rather have one band like Cut Your Teeth than five bands like Disturbed, Godsmack, All That Remains, or whatever else passes for radio metal these days. There’s no pretension here, no posturing, just good old-fashioned, kick you in the nuts punk/metal. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

‘If It’s Loud’, like all of their material, can be found at their Bandcamp page, and like all of their material, it’s free. Do yourself a favor and check them out. (video after the jump . . .)

  9 Responses to “CUT YOUR TEETH: “IF IT’S LOUD””

  1. Holy shit, that was amazing!!! The video matched the song perfectly.

    I can’t speak to their abilities (or lack thereof), but the balls-out passion freaking awesome!

  2. I got into these guys as a result of your writing about them at TNOTB. The video is a kick in the ass to watch, and the song is a kick in the teeth to hear. What a great metal way to start 2012.

  3. Excellent! Thanks for a fantastic start to New Year. Also, having just found NCS over the last month, thanks for all the ripping content.

  4. The video only made one laugh all the way through. The song without the video was better for banging that way.

  5. Fuck yeah. I love punk influenced metal, as it means there’s a greater chance for reckless drinking and therefore, a greater chance for awesome

  6. Not sure if you guys seen this already, but while CYT jams are tasty and straight forward, this piece on IO speaks to the songcrafting talents of your boy Pat Lukens:

  7. Awesome metal scream at the end of the song. The world needs more of those.

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