Jan 052012

Over the last couple of months, Norway’s INFERNO Metal Festival has been dribbling out the names of the bands who will be performing over the Black Easter weekend in Oslo on April 4-7.  I hadn’t checked the line-up since before the holidays, but I just did. Makes me fucking sick . . . because I’m here and Oslo is there and never the twain shall meet, or at least there will be no meeting this April. Because I would dearly love to see this show, but it ain’t happening.

Let’s just consider the headlining band — Arcturus. Now that’s a band I would like to see. They seem to have achieved a kind of cult status in Europe with an avant-garde take on black metal. They broke up in 2007, but reunited last year under the leadership of ICX Vortex for an anticipated appearance at the ProgPower USA festival — which never came to pass. Assuming they actually follow through at the Inferno fest, it would be their first festival appearance in five years.

But that’s just for starters. Look at the rest of that line-up! And it could get worse: There’s an Inferno “kick off” show on January 28 at the John Dee Club in Oslo (with performances by Vesen, TrollFest, Bulk, and Dead Trooper) at which the final festival line-up will be announced — which means more bands will probably be added.

If you’re going to this festival in April, do me a favor and keep that to yourself.  And don’t tell me about the line-ups for the other European festivals that have started rolling out for the coming spring and summer.


  1. Sometimes the Atlantic Ocean just pisses me off.

  2. I would ride a bicycle with the seat missing all the way to Oslo to see that show.

    Next time, keep news like this to yourself instead of torturing your readers with something so desirable yet utterly unattainable.

  3. I’ll be seeing ABSU, AGALLOCH & TSJUDER at MDF, if that “burns your toast” 😛

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