Jan 192012

Almost six weeks ago, Lamb of God premiered the first track from their next album, Resolution, which will be released on January 24. At that time, they gave us a visually interesting lyric video for “Ghost  Walking”. About an hour ago, they released a second video for the same song. This one is an animated story set in some kind of apocalyptic future, with a protagonist who seems intent on preventing a catastrophe. If you’ve heard the song already, you can probably guess how that turns out.

This video is well-done, and I’m finding that the song is growing on me. You know you’re going to get some heavy-grooved riffs from this band, but what I’m appreciating even more are Randy Blythe’s vocals. They are . . . badass.

The animation was created by Moreframes Animation. Watch the video after the jump, and let us know what you think of it.



  1. this is badass

  2. So Lamb of God is still a thing huh?

    • Why is that surprising?
      Sincere inquiry: I figure the metallica tours, deluxe compilations and general crossover success would be indications of a strong career pulse, not a death knell. Amon Amarth and Mastodon are “still things”. I get the feeling that from a lot of metal sites that people are “over” them, but theyre huge compared to other bands. I dont actually understand the reasoning behind that.

      • I just checked their facebook page, as one barometer of relevance/popularity: 2,168,851 likes.

        Mastodon: 419,618 likes.

        Amon Amarth: 116,775 likes.

        • I’m still a LoG fan, but I think those popularity numbers are a big part of the reason a lot of ‘true’ metalheads have turned their backs on them. I think the mainstream has caught up with LoG more than they’ve ‘sold-out’ to it.

          • Well in my defense Ive never been a fan of LoG. Its not a case of theyre too popular. Its a case of never liked. As for my comment, its was done with a bit of kvrmudgeony sarcasm because I dont like them.

            Mastodon dosnt exactly blow wind up my skirts either

  3. WTF?Not available in my country?

  4. The song has grown on me since I first heard it. I liked the video as well. Can’t wait to pick this up along with Aborted’s newest.

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