Feb 132012

Hey, I gotta be brutally honest with you, which is the only kind of honest we know how to be at NCS.

Long story short, I had to work for my day job yesterday and I ran out of island time last night. In fact, it’s last night as I write this, and I’m out of time. I’m dead tired, my judgment is impaired, and I don’t feel up to finishing the post I was writing for tomorrow, which is this morning where I am as you see this. So, I’m resorting to what we highly trained metal bloggers call filler. Just something to have up on the site until I wake up tomorrow, which is today, and finish what I am working on as I write this, or was working on last night, as you read this. Shit, this is kinda like time travel.

For this filler, I basically just grabbed the first thing I saw, which was The Commander-In-Chief. I mean, I didn’t actually grab her. I just grabbed the idea for this filler.

She’s a 22-year old Norwegian living in London. She plays some kind of a prototype 7-string Ibanez guitar. She also writes her songs and sings. She has a four-song EP called Evolution coming out on February 15. It was recorded and produced by veteran Sterling Winfield (Pantera, Hatebreed, Hellyeah) who has touted the fact that the vocals and instrumental performances on the EP haven’t been manipulated or enhanced in any way by software.

There’s a recent teaser reel for the EP after the jump, and then a somewhat older “official trailer”, plus more photos. Amuse yourselves, and be sure to salute. I’m going to bed.




  25 Responses to “FILLER”

  1. I like her jacket.

    The music is pretty good too. I can’t really comment on the guitars, but she has an interesting voice.

    What’s special about the guitar? Does it have a special switch to call forth the Four Horsemen?

    • From what one gathers from the Ibanez website, the X-series Falchion’s body is ergonomically designed (and designed to look metal-cool). But, the guitars shown on the website appear to be only 6-string ones. So, the uh… prototype… that she’s playing is probably the 7-string version of that.

      • Oh…that begs the question then why not all guitars are ergonomically designed…..

        Still, she should work on that horsemen thing…

        • Why aren’t all guitars ergonomically designed?
          Well, why aren’t all keyboards ergonomically designed? Why aren’t all toilets ergonomically designed? Why aren’t all bottles ergonomically designed?…

          What one thinks though is that any “ergonomic design” of a product which comes out is largely ignored beacuse most people who discover it couldn’t bothered to try it. So, the market for that design dies away… It needs some serious industry backing to bring about a widespread change, one thinks.
          There’s also the factor of people having to improve the design first.

  2. That first photo looks like some sort of metal-meets-Sgt. Pepper action figure.

  3. “I didn’t actually grab her.”

    Insert token…Well, I woulda grabbed her comment

  4. I did not hate this.

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