Mar 062012

I bet the title of that post got your fuckin attention. The news sure as hell got mine.

Last May, Gojira released a song called “Of Blood and Salt” from the still-missing-in-action Sea Shepherd EP. It included guest vocals by that Renaissance man of metal Devin Townsend and a guest appearance on guitar by Meshuggah’s Fredrik Thordendal. At the time, it produced a worldwide mass ejaculation not seen since . . . uh . . . some other mass ejaculatory event (my metaphor machine failed me there, sorry).

Yesterday (March 5), at the Soundwave Festival in Perth, Australia, Gojira performed the song live in what I think was the world premiere live performance of the song. And wonder of wonders, guess who joined them on stage for the song? Yep — Devin Townsend on vocals and Fredrik Thordendal on guitar.

I’ve found two different fan-filmed clips of this thing on YouTube. Neither of them are great, unfortunately, but given what was being filmed, I’m sure as fuck going to put them up here on NCS — right after the jump.



  1. fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I was there!!!!!!

  2. Fuck the charity. I’d happily put money straight in the pocket of record executives for a copy of the Sea Shepherd EP. If we’re lucky, this song will be on the new album but I have this horrible feeling it’s going to end up missing in action. 🙁

    • Though “Sea Shepherd” is a charity project, the release delay doesn’t seem to have resulted from lack of money to produce it. After partial recording of the EP in L.A., the band had other pieces, including some guest vocals, bass tracks, etc., on a computer hard drive that crashed. At least as of November, they were having to re-record portions of songs and piece everything back together, while also working on the new album. Now that they’re in tour mode, I wonder if “Sea Shepherd” is now complete. We could get an awesome surprise any day! (this is what’s known as a glass-half-full attitude)

  3. It’s weird to see Devin on stage without his trademark guitar and suit combo.

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