Mar 082012

Read this:

“Enioy the official video clip for the first single “Phoenix Rising”, taken from BEFORE THE DAWN‘s upcoming melodic death metal sledgehammer Rise Of The Phoenix (OUT on April 27).

The song is also available as a free download at Nuclear Blast:

Pre-order “Rise Of The Phoenix” at the Nuclear Blast web shop:

Now, watch and listen to this:


Can you tell I’m kind of in a hurry?

(Thanks to KevinP for the alert on this video.)


  1. Absolutely brilliant. I can’t wait for this album. \m/

  2. Tomorrow – after a week of battle training, imma head to my weekend off. First thing I’m going to do? Listen to this. Second? Boooze! Rinse ‘n repeat!

  3. I know a lot of people in the Youtube comments are comparing this to Insomnium and I kind of hear it, but allow me to be nitpicky for a second…I actually think this sounds a bit like Omnium Gatherum. That said this is way better than what I expected and I will happily listen to more given the opportunity.

    Also forgive me, some motherfucker got me sick at work so I haven’t written shit.

  4. Much better without the clean vocals. I am generally a fan of clean vocals too, but they always sounded out of place on BtD’s music.

  5. Thanks for the link to the free download. This song is gonna make my 12-inch Kicker Comps go *BOOM BOOM BOOM*

  6. After giving the song another spin, it reminds of me early era In Flames

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