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I somehow missed this announcement when it first appeared, but by waiting, I have a few more details to add.

The news is that Sweden’s Marduk is headlining a North American tour that begins on June 2 at The Sonar in Baltimore and concludes on June 20 in San Diego. Along for the ride will be Norway’s 1349, Withered from Georgia, and a Canadian band called Weapon. All of these bands are excellent — that is, if you enjoy being sonically assaulted without mercy. And who doesn’t?

Weapon is the least well-known of this foursome, but we included them in a MISCELLANY post back in December 2010. Their frontman Vetis Monarch is from Bangladesh and the band’s blend of melodic black metal and death metal is influenced by his origins. There’s an official video of a live Weapon performance after the jump for those of you who haven’t discovered them. (Their Facebook page is here.)

Withered is another band worth getting to know if you don’t know them yet. I’ve also included one of their tracks after the break. From some quick web snooping, it seems that both Weapon and Withered are at work on new albums.

I’m presuming that Marduk and 1349 need no introduction. This will be 1349’s first visit to the continent since 2010. All the dates and locations are also after the jump.

I like this photo of 1349. They look like a bunch of cuddly teddy bears, don’t they?

Now, here’s a taste of Weapon. The song is “Furor Divinus”:


And here’s an offering from the Dualitas album by Withered. The song is called “Extinguished With the Weary:.

[audio:|titles=Withered – Extinguished With The Weary]

Finally, here’s the tour schedule:


6/2 Baltimore, MD – Sonar
6/3 Brooklyn, NY – Williamsburg Music Hall
6/4 Montreal, QC – Les Foufounes Electriques
6/5 Toronto, ON – Wreck Room
6/6 Ottawa, ON – Maverick’s
6/7 Columbus, OH – Alrosa Villa
6/8 Chicago, IL – Reggie’s
6/9 St Paul, MN – Station 4
6/10 Winnipeg, MB – Park Theatre
6/11 Regina, SK – The Exchange
6/12 Calgary, AB – Distillery
6/14 Vancouver, BC – Venue
6/15 Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
6/16 Portland, OR – Bossanova
6/17 San Francisco, CA – DNA Lounge
6/18 Pomona, CA – Glass House *
6/19 Hollywood, CA – House Of Blues
6/20 San Diego, CA – Ruby Room

* 1349 only


  1. This is actually a pretty awesome concert (except 1349 are pretty weak ass)..too bad its literally 6 days after MDF 2012. Dont think I’ll have recovered enough by then to catch this

    • 1349 are fucking badass. Know your role.

      • Sorry, 1349 hasnt done a decent album since Hellfire. Over produced black metal that sounds like one continuous song dosnt say badass to me

        • Ah well, to each their own. I have thoroughly enjoyed both the albums they’ve produced since. In fact I have a particular affinity for “Revelations…” although I realise I’m perhaps the only one who does.

          Still, I don’t really agree with the “over-produced” accusation.

  2. This *might* just make me a little less sad that I can’t go see the Decibel tour…

  3. Not coming anywhere close to Florida unfortunately 🙁

  4. Weapon is going to steal the show!

  5. Thinking about it, this tour needs more Goatwhore. More Goatwhore equals more awesome.

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