Mar 242012

Meshuggah and Nuclear Blast did a cool thing. They created this massive widget that allows you to stream the entire album and allows people like us to embed it in our web sites. If you hover your mouse over the center of the image, you will see a semi-circle of circles. If you then hover your mouse over each circle, you’ll see a song title and then you can play it. Magic!

You can also read BadWolf’s early review of KOLOSS, which Meshuggah themselves featured on their Facebook page, by going here. KOLOSS was released by Nuclear Blast in Europe yesterday and will be released in North America on Monday.


  1. Cool idea, but it works so obnoxiously!!!

  2. Already available for download on the interwebz

  3. It’s like The Walking Dead, the show’s second season finale has been available for 7 days now, you get no spolier warnings.

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