Mar 262012

Another ugly duckling has left the NCS nest to explore the wonders of the blogiverse on its own.

Yes, Phro has started his very own blog called PHRO METAL. But don’t fret none about missing Phro here at NCS. As the first ever duckling born with bat wings, he can’t get far in daylight hours and he’ll be returning regularly to the nest to get his pre-digested worms from momma’s thrusting beak.

To translate that into more-or-less plain English, Phro’s blog isn’t about music. For his metal writing, Phro says he will continue to do that here. So why, you may ask, has Phro titled his blog PHRO METAL? Well, as we all know, things can be metal without being music. And what Phro intends to do with his blog is use it as a platform for writing stories.

His first story on PHRO METAL is called “Lucy” and he’s publishing it in installments, with Part 1 appearing today. I’m not going to spoil it for you. Okay, well, I guess I’ll spoil it a little bit. Here’s the first paragraph:

“It was a Wednesday night. I remember, because Wednesdays always make me feel horny and depressed. Like a lonely panda force-fed a bottle of Viagra. With the kind of insatiable, inconvenient boner I hadn’t gotten since 8th grade, I searched my shitty apartment for cash. $50. With the current inflation rate, it was just enough. I hoped.”

Read on at PHRO METAL (here).

And Phro, from all of us at NCS: SAUCE ME BABY!



  1. Thanks for the mention! I haven’t felt this special since customs gave a good going through.

  2. The only site I can browse with an erection, bottle of scotch and plate of pig eyes.

  3. This sounds even more awesome in one’s mind when imagined with Warren Ellis’ voice. 😀

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