May 102012

I feel compelled to explain myself, because I have some kind of obsessive-compulsive disease, albeit in a mild form.  I had to work until 2 a.m. this morning, Pacific Time, and the day started really early on top of that.  And I don’t mean working on this blog.  I mean working on my fucking day job, which periodically fucks up NCS but at the same time makes NCS possible.

So, I haven’t finished any posts for early this morning, even though I have an album review from TheMadIsraeli sitting in my in-box.  I don’t have to do very much to get such reviews posted, but at this point, I  can’t even do the miniscule things I do as an editor, which include reading the posts before posting them.

So I will leave you with this — and then whenever I can wake myself up tomorrow, I will do more. I am leaving you with the new full-track teaser from Miseration, which TheMadIsraeli coincidentally recommended, and which is worth a post all by itself.

Unless I die in my sleep, I will see you soon . . . an  until then, the video is after the jump.

  26 Responses to “THERE WILL BE A DELAY”

  1. Hey Islander,

    What about delegating a little and getting a co-editor to help you edit/prepare/publish posts? I’m sure you can find someone willing and able around these parts…

    There have been a few of these kind of posts lately, and we don’t want you to get stressed (perhaps even burned) out.


  2. BTW Islander you won’t die in your sleep!!!! Just rest and will have back in no time

  3. dude NCS is intensely prolific. I am surprised you can pull off having a day job at all. don’t stress on a ‘slow’ day or two every once in a while. one post per day is more than many can pull off.

    • Thanks. I know I should be more laid-back and less obsessive about this place, but I know myself well enough to admit that I’m unlikely to change. So, look for more whiny, guilt-ridden, I’m-a’-failure posts like this one in the future. 🙂

  4. Just make sure that correct the bands spelling to the correct MISERATION when you wake up 😉

  5. That Artwork is soooo sick! I googled a couple of their other albums have badass album covers too!

  6. What a coincidence, I actually just found out about these guys last night. I was quite impressed.

  7. Wow. that is some pretty good metal right there.

  8. I enjoyed Miseration.

    You know, you could always make NCS openly available for anyone to edit, like Wikipedia.

    (If you’re wondering why I would suggest that, it’s because I wanna post penis pictures everywhere.)

    • This is SUCH a coincidence: I tried to get groverXIII to use thousands of penises when he designed our site background, but he used skulls instead. Who would want a skull instead of a penis?

  9. Dude, you get a lot done. I’m a college student who’s taken off this semester and I lays around my house all day doing nothing special, and I can barely get myself motivated to write stuff to send in to the site, as much of a buzz as that first article gave me (I expect that my input regarding reviews to be VERY mild in the future). You are well motivated, but you have a JOB! You put a lot more effort than 99% of other bloggers put into their pieces. Look at IO, they have an entire team and your daily posts are at least as good as theirs and there are more of them. Add in any contributions from readers like TheMadIsraeli, BadWolf and Andy as well as any others who send in stuff irregular intervals and you’ve got a juggernaut of a blog here.

    • No offense to any other bloggers though, especially IO, I like them and I find myself visiting the site often and finding worthwhile articles.

    • Please be sure to write comments like this every day, without fail. It will help me maintain my motivation.

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