Aug 102012

Ex Deo — the “other band” of Kataklysm frontman Mauriozio Iacono — has completed a new album entitled CALIGVLA, the thematic focus of which is Rome under the unhinged rule of Emperor Caligula.

You remember Caligula, don’t you? The emperor who demanded that he be worshipped as a living god, threatened to make his horse a consul (and actually did make him a priest), slaughtered innocent people for amusement, prostituted his sisters to other men (and allegedly engaged in incestuous relations with them), and indulged all manner of sexual perversity, turning his palace into a brothel? The first Roman emperor to be assassinated? The subject of an infamous 1979 movie starring Malcolm McDowell and financed by Penthouse?   Yeah, that guy.

The album is scheduled for release by Napalm Records on August 31, and a couple days ago Napalm began streaming the first official video for the album, for a track called “I, Caligvla”. Two things jumped out at me about the song: First, it’s a real headbanger. Second, it includes a lot of bombastic orchestral music in conjunction with the thundering riffage — more so than I remember from Ex Deo’s last release.

As for the video, if you’re getting your hopes up about scenes of bestiality and fisting, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. About as deviant as it gets are a few swats at a shapely female butt and some gladiatorial combat for the emperor’s amusement. Still, I thought it was worth sharing. And after that . . . I’ll come to two new songs from Finland’s Hooded Menace.


You can find Ex Deo on Facebook here.


We’ve been paying a lot of attention to this band of late. They have a new album due from Relapse Records on September 11 — Effigies of Evil. Today, Brooklyn Vegan began streaming two tracks from the album — the title song and “Summoned Into Euphoric Madness”. I’ll save my thoughts about the music until next week, when I’ll have a review of the album for you, and instead just let the music speak for itself:


The Hooded Menace Facebook page is here.


  1. Hooded Menace rules. I could listen to their albums all day.

  2. I vaguely remember when I first heard Ex Deo. I was relatively new (in my opinion anyway) to metal and it didn’t sound like all that to me. I haven’t gone back to listen to their earlier stuff, but what you’ve posted sounds to me like the noise of a beehive sounds to a bear.

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