Aug 202012

In Flames was my gateway into the more extreme forms of metal, and although they have slowly morphed into a band that straddles the divide between hard rock and metal, they still occupy a special place in my black heart. They were one of the headliners at the ginormous Wacken Open Air festival in Germany earlier this month, and ZDFkultur (the digital TV channel of a public-service German television broadcaster called ZDF) provided a live stream, which I wasn’t able to see.

Fortunately, ZDFkultur has provided a video recording of the In Flames performance online at this location, and I’ve also found a YouTube embed of the same recording. It’s a helluva spectacle, and the stage set for the first song (“Cloud Connected”) is extremely cool. The lighting and other visual effects and the multi-camera angles all through the show are top-flight, too. It includes the following songs, as well as two band interviews.

Jester’s Door (intro)
Cloud Connected
Where the Dead Ships Dwell
Only for the Weak
Reroute To Remain
Delight and Angers
The Quiet Place
Fear Is the Weakness
The Mirror’s truth
Deliver Us
Take This Life

The player at the ZDFkultur site includes an index that allows you to advance quickly to any song in the set. The YouTube embed of the concert is right after the jump.


  6 Responses to “IN FLAMES: LIVE AT WACKEN”

  1. never though you were a fan of In flames

    • Yep, have been for a long time, and still am despite the unevenness of their most recent albums. And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the times I’ve seen them live.

  2. Get rid of the …Purpose tracks, and that would be a pretty good setlist.

  3. So glad I got to see this band about 12 years ago, before they REALLY went down hill. They were headlining and surprisingly, much of their set list consisted of Whoracle tracks. One of the best shows I’ve ever been to and also surprisingly, a ton of skinheads were in attendance, which struck me as odd

  4. Tune in the Cloud Connected at W.O.A. 2012
    Turn up the volume (a lot) on your pinkie music/tv set
    Then it speaks for itself
    If you don´t sense the earthquake
    You´re for ever lost
    Go see this band, they own every stage you put them to play
    They are still ahead of all the rest
    You will fuckin jump!!!

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