Jan 112013

It was a very sad day when West Virginia’s Byzantine dissolved roughly five years ago following the release of Oblivion Beckons. But as everyone knows by now, Byzantine are back with a new, self-titled album that’s set for release on February 26. We’ve had the good fortune of hearing it in advance, and it’s going to blow people away.

We’ve already featured (here) a lyric video for the first track from the album that Byzantine released — “Signal Path” — and today we’re privileged to debut the band’s official music video for another song: “Soul Eraser”.

One of the hallmarks of the new album (in addition to massive grove) is its musical diversity, and “Soul Eraser” is a good example of that. In addition to bringing a truckload of stomping, jabbing, pummeling riffs and rhythms, it’s built around a melody that will get stuck in your head awful damned fast. The song also includes spiraling lead guitar work and a whole lot of vocal diversity. And when the song really cuts loose at about the 3:00 mark, hold on to your hats.

If you want to know where the song’s title comes from, you’ll find out in the video. Directed by Matt Maloney, it’s riveting to watch. The videography, visual effects, and editing are truly exceptional. Check it out right now:


Keep up with further Byzantine developments by visiting their Facebook page. The new album can be pre-ordered via the link below (and on that page you’ll also see a lot of other very cool merch):




  1. Y’know, in spite of all the love NCS has given this band, I haven’t really paid attention to it until now. I’ve been missing out it seems. The vocals are all over the place, the riffs are awesome and the drums sound different to me. Good stuff.

  2. this track is sweet, bring on Feb 26!

  3. This definitely has a Southern (US) feel to it, in a very genuine albeit inventive way. I could see this growing on me…

  4. Outstanding. Didn’t expect anything less from this epic band.

  5. Based on the two tracks we’ve heard thus far, this is shaping up to be a phenomenal album. Not that I expected anything less from Byzantine…

  6. Looks like this will be quite the comeback album. That kind of flash mob wall of death in the middle of the street is the only appropriate reaction.

  7. Thanks for all the kind words. We busted our humps trying to come back strong. This album is like fine pepperoni…. Seasoned in a garage for a few years…

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