Jan 202013

I previously mentioned that because I’ve been squeezed in a work-related vice all week, I’ve fallen way behind in reading NCS e-mails. I’m still way behind, but I did stop to explore one from a few days ago because of the strikingly ghastly artwork you see above, which is by Anthony Lucero.

It’s the cover for Dragged Down A Dead End Path, the debut album from a Colorado band named Call of the Void that’s scheduled for release by Relapse Records on March 19 in North America and earlier in Europe. Having been struck by the artwork I wanted to hear music, and a song from the album happens to be included in a free Relapse sampler on Bandcamp.

The sampler seems to have been released in October, but I missed it. Maybe you did, too, so more about that after the jump. But first, here’s why I’m spending NCS space on Call of the Void.

The one song that’s streaming from the new album so far is “Failure”. As soon as it starts, the music feels as if the band have dropped a crushing weight right on top of your head — slow, massive, sludgy chords mix with the shriek of feedback and a battery of battering from the kit. That turns out to be just a prelude to a faster frontal assault.

Things stay crusty and sludgy, but now fired up with hardcore punk vehemence and bruising, head-butting, split-lipped attitude. It packs a heavy-ass rhythm and includes a sure-fire mosh-worthy slowdown before it runs its course. Perhaps surprisingly, there’s a thread of catchy melody laced inside the dissonance. I know it’s there, because I’ve been mentally humming it.

The album can be pre-ordered here.


Now, back to that sampler. It includes the Call of the Void song, which is how I found it. It also includes 21 other tracks from an impressive line-up of artists and cool artwork (as you can see). It’s also free.

I missed this somehow.  Maybe it’s old news for most of you. But in case not, here’s the link for the sampler, followed by the songs streams themselves:



  1. I didn’t know about it. Thanks!

  2. Me neither, thanks!

  3. I was confused at first. Turns out I do have the sampler but it lists the song “Failure” as being by Ironhorse. Apparently they changed their name sometime in the last few months to Call of the Void.

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