Feb 282013

(NCS writer Andy Synn brings us more album reviews in haiku, with music.  The albums are the latest releases by Shai Hulud, Horned Almighty, and Psycroptic)



More honest, more real

More righteous than most. That’s right!

Shai Hulud are back!



Brutal heavy riffs

Punk rock grooves and lethal drums

Fuck you, Hail Satan



Stay in the back son

There’s a hurricane coming

A pure death whirlwind!


  1. THE INHERITED REPRESSION one amazing album!!!! Will check out SHAI HULUD

    • Definitely do. One of my all-time favourite hardcore bands. Such undimmed passion and such a distinctive form of riffing.

      • will do so Andy!!!! I heard one song and liked it!! will check out more and previous efforts as well. Which album of theirs I should check out first

        • Sorry to hijack! All of Hulud’s material is excellent, but my personal faves are the first few EPs (which you can buy as a collection called A Profound Hatred of Man and the first full length (Hearts Nourished), so many anthems, remember seeing them for the first time in Belgium and being blown away. Saw them a few years later in London and it was a joke, they were supported by Parkway Drive and pretty much 90% of the crowd left after they played, leaving Hulud with nothing more than an empty Underworld.

  2. Another great, similar band (but quite different) to Hulud was Skycamefalling.

    • I remember listening to those guys in the early 00’s. I could probably find one or more of their cd’s laying around if I looked hard enough. I don’t remember the music much, but I do remeber liking it. Them and Luti-cris, who later became Norma Jean

  3. I’ve been waiting, hope this site would review the new Hulud. I’m disappointed all it got were a couple lines of near incomplete sentences. Still, glad SOMETHING was said about it. Reach Beyond the Sun is already my album of the year. It’s that good! And that’s saying a lot considering 2013 has seen very solid releases already from the likes of Suffocation, Guttural Secrete, and Devourment (all of which destroy,IMO)…but Hulud tops them all. Seriously, go listen to it.

  4. I’m agreeing with you and still, you’re acting like a girl scout with a skinned knee and shit. Grow up and grow a pair

  5. Still digging the haiku format. For some reason three lines and a youtube link gets way more across than a track by track review for me. Not saying there’s anything WRONG with track by tracks, I just don’t connect with the format as well.

    The Inherited Repression melts face and is yet more proof that there’s a future for tech death done right. Shai Hulud hasn’t quite clicked with me yet but I dig the Horned Almighty track.

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