Apr 082013

Continuing what has turned into a content-packed Monday, we’re packaging in this post features on the latest track premiere by Immolation, a new discovery from Greece (Damned Creed), and mysterious new artwork by Paolo Girardi.


No one with any sense really needs to be teased further about Immolation’s new album, because all sensible metalheads have already resolved to lay hands on it as soon as possible. But we’re getting teased again anyway.

Not long ago MetalSucks exclusively debuted yet another song from the forthcoming Kingdom of Conspiracy release — and it’s available for free download via the widget on their site. The song is a titanic bruiser powered by tremolo’d grinding, bullet-spitting drumfire, wraithlike soloing, and enough tempo shifts to keep you off balance while your head bangs merrily away.

Go HERE to listen and download “Indoctrinate”. Kingdom of Conspiracy comes out May 14 on Nuclear Blast and it can be pre-ordered here.




Damned Creed are a thrash band from Athens whose music I heard for the first time this morning.  They released a debut album in 2009 by the name of Enslaved Thoughts, and they have a new one entitled Choose A Side that will be released soon. So far, two songs from the album have hit YouTube, with “Inhale the Hate” going up on Saturday and “Mutiny” the day before that. I’m really liking both of them.

The songs are built around infectious melodies and loaded with low-end groove and punchy drumwork. The main riffs are compelling, and the solos are fire-breathing, as they should be. Of the two songs, “Mutiny” is the more virally catchy and “Inhale the Hate” the darker and somewhat slower paced, but they’re both good teasers for Choose A Side. Check ’em out below.



It’s no secret, I’m a devoted fan of Italian artist Paolo Girardi. We’ve featured his painted metal album covers repeatedly on the site, but today I saw a new Girardi piece that’s a bit different from his usual work — though it’s no less eye-riveting.

I would really like to know whose music will be adorned with this detailed killer rendering, but Mr. Girardi is keeping that secret for now, disclosing only that it’s a split release. If it’s half as cool as the art, it will be well worth hearing.




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