May 212013

Deafheaven’s new album Sunbather will be released by Deathwish on June 11. Today the band premiered the 10-minute title track on a site called Fader. I like it very much. A transporting astral symphony with vocals by a man being turned inside out. This is it:

Previously, the band debuted another track from the album named “Dream House”. I already wrote about it here; I like it, too. It’s now available on YouTube. And this is it:



  1. It’s up for pre-orders, and you get a download with said order. I just got mine, but I’m in a damn meeting, so I can’t listen to the whole thing yet. I’ll have to satisfy myself with just peeing a little out of excitement. Which should also help shorten this meeting.

  2. Why do people label this band as hipster metal? Their music is surreal. I can see this becoming one of the possible contenders for album of the year.

    • That kind of label seems to come from black metal purists, but I agree with you that it’s a stunning album and should be accepted on its own terms.

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