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Long-time NCS readers know that we have a weakness (in a totally non-pedophile way) for BABYMETAL, the three-member female group who made a name for themselves by fusing Japanese idol music and metal. This obsession began with former frequent visitor and occasional contributor Phro (who is based in the Tokyo area). Even though Phro is occupied with other pursuits and doesn’t show up around here very often, he still stays in touch, and this morning he fired off an e-mail alerting me to the premiere of a new BABYMETAL song and video: “Megitsune”

In fact, we have Phro’s own introduction to the video (which will be followed by some more Phro words and some of my own):

“Alright you sad sacks, sit down, shut the fuck up, and press play, because Baby Metal have a new song and video. It’s bombastic in all the right ways, slightly cheesy in all the best ways, and just barely cute enough to still be recognizable as Japan’s finest pop metal band.

“I won’t bother explaining it to you, because, seriously, there’s a fucking YouTube video right here. If you can’t press play because you’re at work, I forgive you, but otherwise this should be fucking your eardrums like a giant, zombie tyrannosaurus rex cock hungry for your ear cherry.”

“I will give you my ‘impressions’ on this song, though. It makes me wanna put on a tutu, smear dead puppy blood across my face, and then run naked and screaming through the streets waving a tanto over my head. And probably with an erection, because puppy blood is just hot, you know? Like, really, you don’t need Viagra. Just puppies and a razorblade.

“What were talking about?



 I share Phro’s own reaction in his original message about the video: If you’d told me that BABYMETAL would go from “Doki Doki Morning” to “Megitsune”, I wouldn’t have believed you. Yes, you still get the girlish idol vocals in this new song, but fuck, the metal is a lot more dominant and a lot heavier. And there are some crushing breakdowns, and some electronica, and some traditional-sounding Japanese melodies, and a whole lot more.

The video itself seems to be a representation of something traditional being converted into something dark and new — the Noh-style masks, the bandmembers in robes pretending to hammer out the music on shamisen instruments, the traditional kimonos and the black fingernails . . . .

It’s surprising (very pleasantly so) to see that this novelty act isn’t standing still. There’s an actual evolution happening, and it’s moving in the direction of The Beast. In no time at all, the girls will be all pierced, tatted up, and vomiting in crappy metal club toilets.

Well, probably not. But the music is definitely improving.


  1. this very much reminds me of Blood Stain Child, and for me thats not a bad thing!

  2. So, uh, yeah … I think I like it.

  3. I did not expect that massive breakdown in the middle. Everyone doing a giant stomp made me lose it.

  4. So, Japanese music culture question: is this band ever going to put out an album? This is fourth single and/or mini-EP they’ve released over 15 months, but no album. Is this something specific to this band and how it’s marketed?

    • Japanese bands are pretty bad about putting out albums. Lots of bands basically just put out shitloads of singles and ‘mini albums’ which are basically just EPs. They will eventually but they will probably include a few tracks

      • And idol bands are really bad about this.

        We could, conceivably, blame the Japanese public for basically not buying music anymore, thus forcing vulture-like labels to release singles with tons of covers in order to exploit the most fanatical of their followers. But I cant help wondering if 30$ for a fucking album is what’s pushing people away from purchasing music to begin with.

        Even though albums from western labels cost only $15.

        Basically, I’m saying they (the labels) are assholes.

  5. I can see this going off in concert

  6. I felt goosebumps and shame for watching this… only the first time at least.
    F****ng catchy

  7. ‘PUT YOUR FUCKING KITSUNE UP!’ I just died laughing. In other news, I’ll have this stuck in my head all day at work now, damn catchy.

  8. First time giving Babymetal a shot. No need for shame or guilt. This is awesome.

  9. I………
    *looks over shoulder*
    *checks closet*
    *closes windows*
    I….like it…

  10. The reason this song sounds so different is that it has a different producer. He calls himself ゆよゆっぺ (yuyoyuppe). He’s known for vocaloid metalcore tracks, but in the last few years also for tracks with real singers (under the ‘circle’ “Draw The Emotional”). For example this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GSRbqGN-FM (my favorite) or this pretty straight forward hardcore/deathcore track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRr0QZgVOWc

    • This is really good, but I can’t seem to find the CDs online…anyway will be going to Tokyo in August, so I hope I can find them there.

  11. It is very interesting to see that even fucking great metal heads like you like babymetal. I am a fan and if it goes further that way i see a bright future for that band.

  12. I am sorry but this ain’t metal for me. Not even metal for children….And its not worth listen to this crap

  13. Damn… I couldn’t force myself to hate this. Okay, it’s a fucking kitsune sign for every metal concert I’m attending from now on.

  14. Too those who trash Babymetal for not being metal enough..well..THAT’S THE POINT!

    I love the concept, but admittedly felt a bit perv watching Doki Doki Morning..but the next 3 singles (esp. Headbanger just blew me away.
    Megitsune is quite a song evolution..in ANY genre.
    Great speed metal thrash, but with JPop and ancient Japanese melodies interwoven. I play trad. Japanese music (koto for 10 years) and Megitsune is the most inspired sound since Morning Musume changed the course of JPop with Love Machine and Koi no Dance Site 13 years ago!

    I sure hope the producer/songwriter(s) keep giving Babymetal more sophisticated material so the can be force to be reckoned with, as opposed to a kitchv fad band.

  15. lol i am not a fan of babymetal but really yuyoyuppe should get more credit. other producers for this group too. yuyoyuppe is just too awesome listen to his albums.

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