Aug 182013

This is a surprising piece of news about a band who seem to specialize in surprises. Norway’s Ulver have changed their sound dramatically over the years, losing and gaining different groups of fans as their music has changed. Their latest album (their 12th) is named Messe I.X–VI.X. We’ve been expecting it, but the delivery came today in a way we didn’t expect. Here’s the full text of the message that appeared this morning on Ulver’s official site (and thank you BadWolf for the tip about this):


Dear parish, as CDs are airborne – and leakage is imminent – we have decided to accelerate the digital release on our own platforms. We have held back as long as we can. Messe I.X–VI.X is now available from our webshop and Bandcamp. Just like that.

Again: we urge all conscientious music lovers to purchase digital from our platforms. WAV and all other formats at Bandcamp, 320 kbps MP3 via our webshop. Spotify and iTunes will follow in September, along with the release of Kscope’s standard editions.

Please share and spread the word. We hope you enjoy the somber sound of the wolves’ mass.

Ulver, Oslo, August 18 2013.

And it’s true — the new album is now on Bandcamp, which means I’m including the stream right here. I haven’t listened to any of it yet (it’s probably not even metal, given the band’s trajectory). I just wanted to get the word out. But I know what I’ll be doing this morning.


  1. The first song should be titled, “As non-Western immigrants pour in, Norge grapples with ghosts of a bloody past”

  2. {Screaming!}
    Great. Now One can’t listen to anything else for a week.
    {Screaming continues.}

    • It’s really, really good.

    • Have to agree with Old Man Windbreaker. This is absolutely fantastic. Makes me want to explore what else I might like from this group. Got any recommendations on a place to start?

      • The album “Perdition City” feels most accessible to One. One would recommend “… Marriage of Heaven and Hell”; but it’s less engaging, despite being more memorable due to its sparseness and weirdness.

  3. it’s beautiful, great Sunday afternoon listening

  4. Did not expect you to feature this on your blog, but im blad you did! I was at the live perfomance up in Tromsø, and have been waiting for this, hoping it includes lyrics.

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