Aug 212013

Not long ago we received this announcement: Beginning early next year  Dark Tranquillity will be mounting a North American tour in support of their new Construct album, and they will be joined by Finland’s Omnium Gatherum. Both of those bands turned in superior albums this year, with OG’s Beyond being a particular favorite of this site.

The third band on the tour is a California outfit named Exmortus. It appears we will have to investigate their music.

The tour begins on January 31 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, before moving to the actual North American continent in Atlanta on February 1. It’s scheduled to conclude in Philadelphia on March 2. I know you will be thrilled to learn that, in between, it will stop in Seattle so that I may see it. These are very accommodating bands.

The entire slate of dates follows the jump. Tickets are already available for purchase at this site:

Band links:



31-Jan San Juan, PR – La Respesta
1-Feb Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
2-Feb Baltimore, MD – Soundstage
3-Feb New York City, NY – Stage 48
4-Feb Worcester, MA – The Palladium
5-Feb Montreal, QU – FouFounes
6-Feb Quebec City, QU – Dagobert
7-Feb Ottawa, ON – Mavericks
8-Feb Toronto, ON – Opera House
9-Feb London, ON – London Concert Theater
10-Feb Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s
11-Feb Columbus, OH – Shrunken Head
12-Feb Joliet, IL – Mojoes
13-Feb Lawrence, KS – Granada
14-Feb Denver, CO – Bluebird Theater
15-Feb Salt Lake City, UT – In The Venue
17-Feb Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theater
18-Feb Seattle, WA – El Corazon
19-Feb Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater
21-Feb San Fransisco, CA – DNA Lounge
22-Feb West Hollywood, CA – House of Blues
23-Feb Tempe, AZ – Club Red
25-Feb Dallas, TX – Trees
26-Feb Houston, TX – Scout Bar
28-Feb Louisville, KY – Diamond Pub and Billiards
1-Mar Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar
2-Mar Philadelphia, PA – The Trocadero


  1. “13-Feb Lawrence, KS – Granada” whoohooooo!!!!! 🙂

  2. ctrl + F = Sacramento, CA

    No results.

    Welp, fuck this tour then.

  3. Wow, I really thought the last time they came was the final US tour for DT. Went to both the Seattle and Portland dates, both venues were at most 1/4 full. But glad it’s ElCo this time around, way better than S7. Plus it’ll mark my 7th time seeing them!

    • I’m going to have to disagree with your assertion that El Corazon is better than Studio Seven. While both venues have their merits, I prefer Studio Seven since you can actually hear/see the band from the bar as opposed to being in a completely different room. Although the bar at El Co is considerably better…

      • I’m just happy I live in a city where bands like these will stop in and play at a venue that holds 350-500 people. Whether it’s El C or S7, I’m always kind of amazed.

        • Fair enough. Now if only I could rig it so they only come here on days I have off, haha.

        • same here, i have no idea how tours like this end up passing through the small college town i live in, but i am eternally grateful for each and every one. i always try to express my gratitude to the band via merch purchases and even “thank you” messages on their FB pages, because even just a 1 or 2 cool shows a month is awesome for me

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