Oct 212013

I thought I’d make you aware, if you aren’t already, of a handful of full-album streams that became available in recent days. I’ve heard bits and pieces of most of these albums, enough to believe they’re all worth hearing straight-through. So here goes (and if you know of other recent streams that we should be noticing, leave a link in the Comments):


I’m not nearly as zealous a fan of this band as other people I know, but I’m finding the tracks previously released from their next album — Volition — interesting enough that I think the album as a whole will be worth the time. It comes out on October 29th via Razor & Tie and can be pre-ordered here. Here’s your full stream of the album (via Metal Sucks):



Kaotoxin Records will be releasing Canto III — the new album by this UK doom/death band — on November 25 in France and December 3 everywhere else. You can pre-order it digitally here or put your money down for a physical copy here. I’ve only heard about half the album, but I’m sold on it — even if the other half turns out to be the sound of someone washing pots and pans. Stream it below (via Terrorizer):




Old Skin are based in Manchester, England. Their debut five-track EP, Mære, is due for release on October 31 by a triumvirate of labels — Church Of FuckDry Cough, and Skin & Bones. Recently I wrote about one song from the EP that premiered at Terrorizer, but as of today the entire EP can be streamed. Man, it’s one heavy motherfucker. Listen below (via RockSound):




I’m taking a bit of a chance on this next stream. I haven’t had time to hear a single song from the album, but two of our past guest contributors have been singing the praises of this band and touting their new album Exi(s)t, which is due for release tomorrow by Good Fight Music (and can be ordered here or via iTunes and Amazon). So here we go — I’ll be listening to this for the first time along with you:



  1. I fucking love Eye of Solitude.. Just discovered them myself, and its a perfect blend of soulcrushing Doom and Death. the piano fits well, the songs are interesting and that voice! Its like Necros Christos decaying grandfater.

    Im gonna sing the doom song now!

  2. I haven’t made it all the way through Eye of Solitude yet, but what I’ve heard is a phenomenal musical interpretation of the theme – Dante’s Inferno. They’ve really nailed it. So far I’d say this is heading to end of year list territory.

  3. i’m really, really looking forward to Canto III, and Old Skin sounds pretty awesome, too!!

  4. Old Skin is nice.

    The Reflections stream gives a 404 to me… 🙁

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