Nov 082013

(photo by Veleda Thorsson)

The best and the worst thing about life is that it’s full of surprises. When you need a bit of good fortune or at least a little stability, it delivers a car wreck and a shattered leg, as happened to a good friend yesterday. On the other hand, it delivers, on the same day, a brilliant new song from a band you last wrote about more than two years ago in a post that still holds the record for the fewest words ever written on this site about music.

More than two years ago I featured a song by a band from Pennsylvania named Vindensång from their 2008 debut album Terminus: Rebirth in Eight Parts, and introduced it with the word “THIS”. Now, the same band have a new album named Alpha, which they plan to release on February 4, 2014, and which will be a musical sequel to Terminus. And what we bring you today is the intergalactic premiere of one of the new album tracks, “Lights of the Abyss”.

It’s the kind of song that sparks imaginings. As you listen, you go places in your mind that aren’t beneath your feet. At first you might be standing on a deserted seashore at dusk, watching the waves roll in and out, a cool wind in your face. And then darkness closes like a candle snuffed out, strange whispers in your ear, a chill on your spine. You begin to drift, a mellow feeling of peacefulness descending, a sense of rebirth. And then the energy begins to build in your veins…

“Lights of the Abyss” beautifully layers post-metal atmospheres of melancholy over the oozing blood of a black metal wound. Both ambient and heavy, sorrowful and emphatic, it’s the mesmerizing sound of a band whose name we predict will become more and more familiar. Alpha should be very interesting.

Watch these spaces for more news about Vindensang and Alpha:

Here’s “Lights of the Abyss”:


  1. The Veleda Thorsson photography makes this an instant listen to for me.

  2. FUCK YES. Stoked!
    Thanks for hosting this!

  3. AARRGGG…. that great .. very good surprise … hail VINDENSÅNG..

  4. Fantastic! Can’t wait for the Album

  5. that is a damn cool song

  6. Very well done!

  7. What taste. Brilliant.

  8. Why am I not getting into this? Feels like I should be. Feels like its a fault of my own more than the band. We probably have comparable musical tastes even. Checked out three songs at least so its not just this one.

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