Dec 022013

(Our supporter xBenx has compiled a series of guest posts, this being the fifth installment. Each one focuses on a different band that he fears may have been overlooked by the masses, and today the spotlight is on Germany’s Klabautamann.)

In truth, this is neither head-crushing nor really “brutal”, but Klabautamann’s Merkur album from 2009 is brilliant.

Admittedly, these Germans are indebted to Enslaved’s post-millennium discography, but that doesn’t restrict them from forging their own compelling compositions of progressive black metal. The modus operandi found in this 2009 offering was simple; lush, spacious melodic passages meld seamlessly with their contrast — white-hot furnaces of blazing fury. It may be a straightforward dichotomy, but it’s one that has kept me returning frequently.



  1. I really love the album cover, and am really enjoying the music too.

  2. Klabautamann are absolutely brilliant, one of the best bands i discovered last year. a delight for fans of Enslaved.
    good post!

  3. I stumbled upon these guys a couple of years ago, great choice to feature them here. This band is criminally unknown.

  4. This is gorgeous stuff.

  5. I was sold with the cover art alone, thanks for sharing this great band!

  6. Wow, Merkur is random. I wasn’t expecting that.

  7. this sounds awesome, and cool artwork as well

  8. Thank you thank you thank you. I had never heard of the band before and Merkur is absolutely stunning. Album of 2013 (despite being released in 2009). \m/

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