Dec 162013

Are you like me? Do you shake your head in quasi-disbelief when you see the ordering of band names on posters for hybrid rock/metal festivals like the one above, which provides the latest line-up updates for the 2014 edition of the UK’s DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL? Way up at the top, you see that the headliners include the octogenarians in Aerosmith — and then only down below, almost buried in the fine print, you see the name SikTh.

I mean, considering that SikTh were an influential band who have been defunct for more than five years, the fact that they have reunited seems like the kind of news that deserves a little more prominence, such as perhaps placement on the same line as… uh… Fall Out Boy? Okay, maybe that’s asking for too much. How about SikTh on the same line as Jake E Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel? And no, I have no fucking idea what Jake E Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel is, though if they include actual red dragons, I’d be interested in seeing them.

In other news, it appears Linkin Park will be performing Hybrid Theory at DOWNLOAD. I might pay to see that, if only for nostalgia reasons, as long as Linkin Park promise not to play anything they’ve recorded since 2003.

Also, it appears the festival will also include Battlecross, Dillinger Escape Plan, Dying Fetus, In Flames (appearing on the same line as those red dragons and a rhino that needs to be fed), Thy Art Is Murder, and The Black Dahlia Murder (who just barely made the poster before they ran out of room). Not too shabby.

And finally, I would note that Suicide Silence are on the bill, which may be one of the band’s first big festival appearances since the death of Mitch Lucker and his replacement by Eddie Hermida.

The DOWNLOAD festival will take place June 13-15, 2014 in Donington Park in Leicestershire, England. Tickets are available here.

However, I must say that as UK festivals go, this one is more my style:


  1. The headliners are always the bands worst bands on the bill. Sweden rock this year was god aweful. Kiss, Europe, Avantasia.. Rush was the only band i saw on the main stage, methinks.

  2. I think Suicide Silence’s first performance with Eddie is going to be at Soundwave in Australia.

  3. I’m quite proud of the fact that I’ve never been to Download, and even the inclusion of Dying Fetus (and a few others) will not prompt me to change this!!!

  4. The bands in the lower block are in alphabetical order, though if that hadn’t been the case, Sikth probably would have wound up at or around the spot that Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel is occupying.

    But holy shit, Sikth. Had no idea they’d gotten back together. The vocals made it difficult for me to get into them, but once they clicked, I became quite fond of them. And then, of course, they immediately disbanded.

    • I obviously didn’t notice the alphabetizing. Probably a good thing or I would have lost my lead-in for the post. 🙂

      • It was a great lead-in! Heck, it shook me to my core, thinking that dumb ol’ Download would just add a reformed Sikth to their line-up as a complete afterthought. Then I saw Trivium and Volbeat even further down the list and got back into the Christmas spirit.

  5. This lineup causes me physical pain

  6. that Download lineup is just all over the place, i’m not sure if the price of a ticket would be worth the small number of bands i would actually want to see there

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