Apr 232014

I was away from the internet for 8 hours yesterday. On the one hand, it was kind of refreshing. On the other hand… I sure as shit missed a lot of metal news. The first item I saw upon returning to the wired world was a post by Andy Synn in our NCS group on Facebook, spreading the word about the Conquerors of the World Tour, with a comment: “Stick Dimmu in as headliners and you’d have ALL the symphonic bluster you could muster.” No shit.

Here’s the announcement that appeared on the Septicflesh Facebook page:

“”We are thrilled to announce that we will be returning to North America/Canada with our blood brothers in Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour of Penance and Necronomicon,” comments SEPTICFLESH. “This promises to be a night in darkness to be remembered as we prepare to unleash our colossal new album ‘Titan.'”

No dates yet, but this promises to be one of the year’s can’t-miss outings. As soon as we get the schedule, we’ll slap it up on the site without delay.


  1. Hopefully I’ll be in Chicago by the time this rolls around. Otherwise, ten bucks says this skips San Diego.

  2. this sounds fantastic!!!

  3. Just hope Septicflesh hits Norway or Scandinavia sometime in the future. Just saw Fleshgod at the Inferno festival, and god damn they blew me away. Great sound, (Paoli, for once, did not sound like a typewriter). The opera singer lady was a very nice touch aswell. worked better than expected.

    On a side note, Dimmu played the same festival, and was pretty much the opposite. Where Tommaso Riccardi was passionate and fun to watch, Shaggy was a boring statue on stage, and has the stage presence of a mossy rock. (Most used Dimmu lyric; Oi! Oi!) And where Fleshgod had opera singers and pianos, Dimmu had everything on playback. (choir, Vortex, Agnete, Orchestra)

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