Jun 122014

I mainly wanted to put up a couple of cool new album covers before calling it quits for the day, but I just saw a new video that I decided to throw in here, too, because we always need music.


The first cover is for Clearing The Path to Ascend, the new album by YOB, which is due for release by Neurot Recordings in September. I’m expecting great things from this album. I take PR reports with a grain of salt, but this excerpt from today’s announcement still gets me pumped up:

“Those threads of progressive rock and drone that have always underscored the music of YOB are now fully realized with Clearing The Path To Ascend, as each track forges into the next with a ferocity that’s as completely unhinged as it is utterly focused. Drummer Travis Foster wields his signature rhythmic furore here with bombastic precision while bassist Aaron Rieseberg, coils around the sonic tide with an unforgiving churn – all the while in a deadly synchronicity with Scheidt’s uncanny vocal range and its pendulous movement between the triumphant howls of a medieval madman and the earth splitting growls of a war-battered titan.”

Here’s a new video of the band playing “Silence of Heaven” live at Roadburn 2014:





I’m not a classic thrash addict. I mainly use it in an effort (usually futile) to induce greater productive activity in the loris compound. But when I am in a thrashy mood, Overkill are one of the bands I go to. They’ve got a new album named White Devil Armory coming out on July 22 in the US, July 21 in the UK, and July 18 in Europe. Today we got the album cover, which is badass.

There’s also a new interview of Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth, in which he made this comment about the two bonus tracks that will be on the album:

“There’s a cool track where it’s kind of a Ramones meets New York Dolls meets Sham 69. The other track we did with another Jersey guy, who has made a great name for himself and always been a great singer in former TT Quick and Accept singer, Mark Tornillo. We did a cover of a Nazareth song called ‘Miss Misery’. It’s like real old school rock sound with a couple of Jersey guys rocking out in tandem.”

This should be interesting.

The rest of the interview is here.




And now here’s that new video. It’s from Finland’s Beastmilk. The song is “The Wind Blows Through Their Skulls” and it’s from the band’s recent debut album Climax. It’s not the kind of music we usually feature at NCS — the band call their style “apocalyptic post-punk” — but it has managed to get its hooks into me. The video is funny, too. Plus, they’re from Finland.




  6 Responses to “YOB, OVERKILL, BEASTMILK”

  1. Totally love the Beastmilk album. A bunch of certified pounders on there. Kind of reminds me of Tears for Fears meets The Misfits. Or something equally absurd.

    YOB cover is fantastic!!

    • I’m pretty sure this is the first song I’ve heard off that album, and it pushes all sorts of buttons in me that haven’t been pushed in a couple of decades. Must hear more.

  2. Overkill is a fantastic band, and just one of several thrash acts that i think deserve to replace Megadeth as part of the Big Four. They’re still putting out killer albums 🙂

    • Curious why you singled out Megadeth…Yeah, Super Collider was a piece of shit, but Endgame showed MegaDave can still go when he takes a mind to it, and even Th1rt3en has it moments.

  3. Mustaine proves yet again he is a massive loser and wannabe and not deserving of press.megadeth is and always will be a huge joke band to me and all real metal fans.extreme right wing and metal equals not metal.beastmilk are also , the singer, British. A nice move from dhg and code to this.

  4. New YOB is already guaranteed to be awesome. I’ll have to check out Beastmilk further – I really enjoyed that song (reminded me of In Solitude’s latest album a bit in regards to the atmosphere it conjured).

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