Aug 142014

(Austin Weber brings us the following introduction to our premiere of a lyric video for the first new music from Internal Suffering in eight years.)

Like all genres (and subgenres) of metal, death metal has an abundance of “classic” albums and legendary bands, many of which still remain unheard of by current fans of the genre. The advent of the internet has helped bring many of these killer underappreciated bands to light. Internal Suffering are exactly this kind of band, head and shoulders above most; and, thankfully, the internet has helped spread their name around massively.

The band was started way back in 1996 when they were based in Columbia, though they have since relocated a few times and are now operating out of Madrid, Spain. In 2006, with several eye-popping releases under their belt, Unique Leader signed them and they released a bestial masterpiece entitled, Awakening Of The Rebel, an album that still sounds years ahead of its time. As a result of the group going on hiatus from 2007-2011, Awakening Of The Rebel turned out to be their last recorded material — until now. It’s been 8 long years of waiting for dedicated fans, a torment of fervent awaiting for their next feverish torrent of torment.

Now we are proud to premiere a new lyric video containing a pre-production version of “Vanished From Cosmos” off their next record. This pre-production track perfectly captures the explosiveness and energy of death metal with an appropriately evil flair that at times comes across like Cryptopsy. With “Vanished From Cosmos”, Internal Suffering have taken their blastbeat-barrage-meets-finger-cramping-riff style into a higher strata of ravenous existence. Meanwhile the lyrical side of their equation continues to revolve around Thelema, Magick, and Ctulthu-esque demon beings. 

The death metal onslaught of “Vanished From Cosmos” is downright merciless. Music this pulverising can only be spawned as the byproduct of nightmare realms, sickness, and a desire to smother others with filth. The warp-speed trajectory of the track finds cohesion through the tight interplay between the band members, who collectively resemble a tunneling wormhole of inhuman precision, armed with tools to obliterate without ceasing. This is quality hatred by a band whose live performances prove that their jaw-dropping speed and dexterity are the real deal. And they only have one guitarist.

According to the band’s estimate, the album will most likely drop in the coming fall or winter. You’ve been warned.




  1. Holy crap, the vocals are so bad. It sounds like they’re buried a mile and a half under the rest of the mix.

    • You do realize this is a pre production version of the song right? Not finished the way it will sound on the record….

      • Nope, read over that part as well. I’m 0 for 2 today.

        Alright, that’s it. No more internet for me before 8:30 local and at least three cups of coffee. I think I’ve made an ample fool of myself today. I’ll let myself out…

  2. It is good, but not “it worth the wait” good.

    • This is REAL brutal death metal dude, this guys are not part of the current slamming froggy trend, I think the sound is not the best but it makes justice to what they stand for: true brutal death metal without compromise and 0 trends, which is something a few bands can claim nowadays…

  3. Brutal stuff! Real death metal production, I like it!

  4. Internal Suffering guys are on time to fix this mess, the mix could be better..

    • Does nobody have the ability to read? I made sure to mention that this is a pre-production track in the article and in the comments here too. It’s going to sound better in finished form on the record.

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