Aug 182014


Last spring I discovered the existence of a Montréal death metal cult named Phobocosm, who had just recently signed with Dark Descent for the release of their debut album, Deprived. In the spring, one song had been posted for streaming. Its name is “Solipsist”,  and it’s a monster. The dreadful chiming chords that begin the song are like the bells that herald the final doom, and the rest of the song provides a reasonable approximation of that world-ending event. Today we’re lucky to bring you the premiere of a second track from Deprived. This new one is named “Knives In the Senate House”. It, too, is a monster.

The music creates an atmosphere of choking, poisonous miasma with bleak, ripping riffs that grind and vibrate as if emulating the super-heated process of radioactive decay. Huge bass and drum hammers punctuate the storming onslaught with concrete-splitting force, and a sinuous melody slithers through the toxic storm, giving the music character as well as a potent aura of dread and imminent destruction. The drum performance throughout the song is both acrobatic and brutally effective, and the deep, gargantuan vocals enhance the music’s message of utter catastrophe.

Phobocosm are practicing a very dark art, one that displays mastery in the creation of both oppressive atmospherics and sensations of physically compulsive power. Like “Solipsist”, “Knives In the Senate House” heralds the advent of an album that will be a must-listen experience by all true acolytes of lethal death rituals.

Dark Descent will release Deprived on September 30, 2014, and it’s available for pre-order on CD and vinyl via this link. It’s an 8-song, 48-minute work that was mixed and mastered by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia, Krallice), and the cover art was created by Chimère Noire (Portal, Abyssal). Phobocosm will play two release shows with Dark Descent labelmates Thantifaxath and Adversarial in Montréal on September 27 and in Toronto on October 4.

Here’s “Knives In the Senate House” — followed by “Solipsist”.





  1. Good CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yum.

  3. Majestic and Massive 🙂

  4. this sounds really good!

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