Oct 222014


(Austin Weber prepared the following introduction to our premiere of a new song from the forthcoming second album by The Crinn from Saint Paul, Minnesota.)

The further and further The Crinn have gone in their career, the more ideas they’ve incorporated in their songwriting and the more their music has grown in a progressive sense. Not content to merely overwhelm you or shatter you with speed and ferociousness, in their current state the band’s progressive inclinations have found a natural nest within their overall full-throttle, brain-scrambling, unpredictable intensity. With these elements co-existing within the same tracks, the band display a rare duality.

While The Crinn were previously signed to Nuclear Blast Records for the release of their debut album in 2010, they have returned to independent status and are releasing their new album Shadowbreather by themselves. Currently, no release date has yet been set, and the band are still in the midst of deciding whether to do a crowdfunding campaign in order to make a physical version of the album a reality. But one song from the album has already premiered (featured here), and today we bring you another.

It’s important to preface the discussion of this song with what I just mentioned regarding the cohesive collision of abject chaos and experimental progressive ideas in The Crinn’s sound. Otherwise, you may find yourself lost in a state of shock, as “Endless” is a head-spinning affair of unique brilliance, one that scrambles your brain hard enough to make returning to normal reality a difficult and disorienting task.

A reverberating backdrop showers the first half of the track, adding another dimension and point of contrast within the jagged and cascading flow of the song. It also works to enhance the track with a sublime hypnotic atmosphere that perfectly, yet oddly, meshes with the spiraling, finger-cramping guitarwork, rollicking bass lines, and rousing stop-start drumming with a penchant for spastic fills. The vocals interspersed within the song are also noteworthy — a caustic mass that ties the song’s instrumental insanity to an expulsion of disgust delivered with seething conviction.

“Endless” is a septic shock to the system that may make your eyes roll back in your head, leaving only your third eye with which to take in the psychedelically damaged portrait of the mania at hand. For how angular and unpredictable “Endless” is, it still manages to come together in a singular mesmerizing package.





  1. After hearing these guys for the first time yesterday and enjoying their sound, this new track reaffirms that I should be checking out this album. On a side note, how the hell is this not deserving of a page at Metal-Archives?

    • Because Metal-archives is stupid about mathcore, and a lot of other sub-genres. Their admins. come up with all sorts of illogical reasons as to why certain bands are “not metal”. But, I am glad you liked this man and am happy to help you find The Crinn!

  2. This confirms that I need more mathcore in my life. As opposed to more math. DEFINITELY don’t need more math in my life.

  3. Awesomely insane. I have their last album and like it generally but this track seems like a huge step forward in terms of song writing.

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