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As part of our year-end Listmania series, we re-publish “best metal album” lists compiled by certain “big platform” web sites and selected print zines. Today, we bring you what Revolver magazine thinks are the 20 best albums of 2014, as posted yesterday on the magazine’s web site.

Let me be very clear, because someone always seems to misunderstand what we’re doing here: We’re not endorsing these lists we filtch from other places (though some are certainly better than others). We’re especially not endorsing this one. To be fair, Revolver doesn’t pretend to limit its coverage to metal. And to be even more fair, I haven’t listened to half the albums on this list, so what do I know?

Still… not endorsing this one.

Slipknot grabs the No. 1 spot. At the Gates comes in at No. 2, Behemoth occupies No. 6 followed by Mastodon, Priest and Machine Head are in there, as are Godflesh and Godsmack — and Tryptikon is down at the bottom with the No. 20 position, four spots below Black Veil Brides and 16 below Linkin Park. But hey, at least they made the list.

Anyway, for your edification and amusement, here are the 20 Best Albums of 2014 according to Revolver; go here if you want to see the accompanying reviews.


1. Slipknot, ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’

2. At the Gates, ‘At War with Reality’

3. Of Mice & Men, ‘Restoring Force’

4. Linkin Park, ‘The Hunting Party’

5. Motionless in White, ‘Reincarnate’

6. Behemoth, ‘The Satanist’

7. Mastodon, ‘Once More ‘Round the Sun’

8. Judas Priest, ‘Redeemer of Souls’

9. Machine Head, ‘Bloodstone & Diamonds’

10. Every Time I Die, ‘From Parts Unknown’

11. Godflesh, ‘A World Lit Only by Fire’

12. The Pretty Reckless, ‘Going to Hell’

13. Killer Be Killed, ‘Killer Be Killed’

14. Crosses, ‘Crosses’

15. Black Label Society, ‘Catacombs of the Black Vatican’

16. Black Veil Brides, ‘Black Veil Brides’

17. Body Count, ‘Manslaughter’

18. Suicide Silence, ‘You Can’t Stop Me’

19. Godsmack, ’1000hp’

20. Triptykon, ‘Melana Chasmata’


  16 Responses to “LISTMANIA 2014: REVOLVER’S 20 BEST ALBUMS OF 2014”

  1. Let the face cringing commence!

  2. I think this should come with a disclaimer of:

    “If you were considering being a condescending dick and disparaging any of our own personal lists when we publish them here on NCS, just take a second and think… no matter what, none of them will be as shitty as Revolver’s.”

  3. Ouch… Body Count.

    • Not gonna lie, I actually really dug that Body Count album. Can’t resist a mix of Ice-T and Hatebreed-style riffs.

      • Haha. Fair enough! I can get down with Hatebreed riffs for sure. Ice-T… I dunno. He jumped the shark.

      • I remember cranking up their original album with my mates when we were about 14. Back then it had some heavy slabs of riffs, so I’m actually curious to hear this new one, if only for nostalgia’s sake 🙂

  4. Wow, does Revolver even like music? Are these the only 20 albums they heard of this year?

  5. Dammit Revolver, why do we even let you be a magazine?

  6. This list lost all credibility when it hit Slipknot. The rest of it is just as bad. I’m not even fond of Behemoth or At the Gates. And the new Priest album was just bad.

  7. Like tryptikon behemoth at the gates and godflesh

  8. Some real shite in there but the Every Time I Die album is a belter. I listen to mostly black/death/grind but even still, I loved it.

  9. They’ve missed entire genres. oh well..

  10. “A Skeletal Domain” isn’t on there?? “Blood In, Blood Out”?? “Blood Mantra”?? “Inked In Blood”?? what the Bloody Hell, Revolver? how did they miss out on some of most obvious additions to a 2014 year end list?
    i’m cancelling their metal status, effective immediately ; )

  11. Have only heard of half of the bands on the list..
    Not sure if the rest is too underground or too mainstream for me to have heard of 😛

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to metal, but wow, this list right here displays a shit opinion.

  12. It’s not even that Slipknot are at #1. Because they have produced solid albums (far) in the past. But it’s just that their newest one is SO bad 🙁 It’s been years I’ve been expecting anything from slipknot, but even with my low expectations they’ve managed to underwhelm me.

    The same goes for Linkin Park though. There’s no shame in liking them. It’s just that the Hunting Party is a rather weak album songwriting-wise.

    The list is just pretty bad since it seems like they didn’t dare to put anything in there the average 16 year old metal head hasn’t heard of. That leaves you with few options… I’m surprised they found 20 albums!

  13. Any list without Bloodshot Dawn at #1 spot is a no-good list.

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