Dec 122014


I’m getting kind of a slow start on today’s blog posts. I had a long, glorious night at the Mortals/Sólstafir/Pallbearer show in Seattle (about which I’ll have some garbled words and blurry photos to share later on), followed by four hours of sleep, to be followed by a grind at the old fuckin’ day job, so yeah — I’m moving pretty slowly.

But rather than have nothing new at the top of the page for the next couple of hours I thought I’d post the first piece of music I saw upon switching on the computer and scanning my e-mails. It’s a lyric video for “March of the Poozers” from Devin Townsend’s Z2 album (which can be acquired here). The press release also included a statement by DT that I’ll reproduce after the video.

And now, Bow To Your Alien Ambassadors!




“Hey all, Dev here…closing out the North American tour and a heck of a year. I released 4 albums this year, if you count the bonus disc of Casualties, went through the crazy Pledge process (still going through it) and it was generally a hectic time.

I feel like I’m at the end of a creative cycle… The Z2 project beat me up in a way I wasn’t expecting, but when all was said and done, I’m very proud of it. It’s an accurate description of a really stressful period, but I didn’t sell out, and I saw it through. Thanks to all of you who continue to support.

My mind is full of music again, as it always is, but I’m trying to absorb some of the lessons that came with the over scheduling and chaos of this last period, and I look forward to getting my process back on track. Again, I’m constantly shocked by the fact I get to do this for a living. Thank you.

Here’s another track from Z2, called ‘March of the Poozers’. To be honest, my main motivation to make this album was so I could make those crazy puppet shows that are now online, but musically, it’s kind of typical random music that I’ve been interested in for the past few years. This song was directly influenced by the band ‘Samael’ whom I have great affection for as people, and I’m happy to present it with a lyric video that Stefan at Media Logistics went above and beyond for.

What’s next for me I think will be a short break before the European tour and the Royal Albert Hall show, but then, I have ideas for a destructive bass driven apocalypse record, a meditative record, a symphony, more Casualties, more DTP and a kind of big band thing, none of these ideas are confirmed, but I’m finding myself getting fired up to create in ways I haven’t been able to for a few years because of my schedule. I need to regroup and then I’ll see you soon.

I love music. Thank you for the inspiration, lessons and support.



  1. Yet another artist that’s being curiously overlooked on most year-end lists. I enjoyed the Ziltoid half of the new double album more than the DTP side mostly due to the fact that, even though the musicianship is always top-notch, the overall feel of the music has become predictable and I feel his over-reliance on Anneke’s vocals has become a bit of a detriment.

  2. Much of what I’d heard from Z2 hadn’t interested me much, but this track is pretty solid. Gonna have to give Z2 another chance I guess.

  3. garbage

  4. I’ve never understood why everyone likes this guy so much. The only output of his I’ve enjoyed was Casualties of Cool.

    • In my case, a lot of it had to do with his live shows, which have uniformly been among the most enjoyable I’ve seen (and I’ve seen him 3 times — I’ll go whenever he comes around). I don’t uniformly like everything he has done in his solo career, but some of it I like a lot. Still, I can understand why he wouldn’t appeal to everyone’s tastes.

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