Feb 082015

(About a week ago, while I was being roasted alive in day-job hell, Grant Skelton e-mailed me about some doom discoveries. I’ve decided to just paste his e-mail comments into this post along with the music. I hope it’s okay with him that I’m doing this. I subscribe to the view that it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.)


In keeping with your interest in Crypt Sermon, I found that they are streaming another new song called “Will of The Ancient Call” over at NPR. Listen here.

If you’ve heard “Heavy Riders” or the title track, then you know this is traditional doom. I suppose detractors might call it “re-doom,” but I think it’s phenomenal. I’d love to see these guys tour with Below.






Southern Lord has unearthed the only full-length from Warhorse (now disbanded). The album is called As Heaven Turns To Ash. The release also includes the two tracks from Warhorse’s final release, the I Am Dying EP. It will be available February 24, and the track “Doom’s Bride” can be streamed at the Bandcamp link below.

Maybe it’s just because I’ve been filling my ears with all things doom since winter began, but the doom scene has a widespread and passionate fanbase. If Solstice can get back together and release new material after 25 years, I see no reason why Warhorse couldn’t do the same.








Metal Blade records will be releasing the new (and so far only) full-length album from Stockholm’s Sorcerer on March 24. It’s called In The Shadow of the Inverted Cross. The band was originally active from 1988-1992. They only recorded a few demos before disbanding. In 2010, they re-formed and began writing new material. The demos were remastered and may be streamed (or purchased for only $7) here:


The track “The Dark Tower of the Sorcerer” can be streamed via Metal Blade below. It may have doom riffs and atmosphere, but that’s a power metal chorus if ever I heard one!



  1. Awesome article! Highly looking forward to all of these releases!! \m/

  2. Sorcerer sounds very cool 🙂

  3. That tune has been in my head for days!

  4. Great bands. Really looking forward to cryptic Sermon

  5. Me too! Their demo is up on Bandcamp for free. It features 1 track (“Temple Doors”) that will appear on the album.

  6. For some reason Sorcercer’s singer’s voice and phrasing are reminding me of the Final Countdown, which leaves an odd impression in my head. Digging Warhorse and that new Crypt Sermon track though.

    • I can see that. The vocals are more on the Dio/power metal vein. Glad you dig Warhorse! They were a random find. Maybe this rerelease will prompt a reunion and new material.

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