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Australia’s Rise of Avernus are following up their 2013 debut album L’appel du vide with a new EP entitled Dramatis Personæ. It’s a five-track, half-hour affair that includes a guest vocal appearance by Enslaved’s Grutle Kjellson (on the song “Acta Est Fabula”) — and today we bring you a stream of the EP’s penultimate song, “An Alarum of Fate“.

The booming drums and darting orchestral strings that start the song provide immediate elements of intrigue, and they are strong attractions to the music throughout. But they’re not the only attractions. Take the vocals, for example: They’re an appealing blend of flesh-scarring growls, skyward-soaring clean vocals, and ghostly whispers. And just as appealing is the music’s integration of heavy riffs, hammering beats, mesmerizing piano notes, warm bass tones, and dreamlike strings.



The song’s main melody, which sweeps through the chorus parts and lends an air of gothic doom to the sound, is yet another strength.

The band call the style of their music “orchestral, progressive doom metal”, and based on “An Alarum of Fate”, that’s an apt description for a very interesting and very dynamic piece of music.

Dramatis Personæ will be released on March 30 by Aural Music/code666 in a limited digiseleeve edition, as well as digitally.




  1. Awesome, love it!

  2. Sounds good…but…too much resembles Septic Flesh .

  3. Discovered this group thanks to previous articles on NCS. Excellent stuff.

  4. this is awesome! 🙂

  5. I’ve not heard enough Septicflesh to compare and contrast. So I can’t offer on opinion on that. Smooth, catchy cleans. I like the symphonic element. Sometimes it seems like that can take too much attention away from the rest of the band. But it works very well here. I like it, thanks for the post.

  6. loved the previous album “l’Appel du vide”, can’t wait to get the new one, this track is promising!

  7. Great track but the production could have been better. L’appel du vide was great, and this should be as well.

  8. Sounds very promising!
    I agree, L’appel du vide had awesome production. I like this track better than anything from L’appel du vide though….. L’appel is almost sterile compared to this. It sounds as if you were to see them live, this is how it would sound like.
    Looking forward to this release!

  9. This is massive as ferrrrk. Catchy chorus and cool orchestral parts. Lappel was pretty good but this sounds like its gonna blow it straight outta the water! Production is KILLER!

  10. what a discovery! excellent! where do i buy?

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