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This is a “feel good” story accompanied by badass music, which makes it a very metal story.

Derek Neibarger, who makes his home in Lawrence, Kansas, with his wife Chrissy and a menagerie of pets, began his musical life as a teenage bassist in 1984. In 1990 he added lead vocalist to his resume. He has recorded and toured with multiple bands covering every genre from punk and hard rock to jazz and blues. At one time or another he has shared the stage with such artists as Neurosis, Green Day, Local H, and The Urge. Beginning in 2012 he decided to start writing and recording music as a solo project that he named Godless Angel.

By that time he had become a daily reader and active supporter of this site, and we watched as he began turning out individual songs on a completely DIY basis, and eventually entire collections of songs in the form of two digital releases — the album-length Year One (2013) and the Dying Dead Undead Unholy EP (2014). And then, on January 20 of this year, we saw the happy announcement that Godless Angel had signed with the Finnish label Inverse Records for the release of a new album named Harvester of Shadows.

Inverse explains: “Drawing inspiration from horror and science fiction genres, the lyrics for Godless Angel paint portraits of everything from axe murderers, vengeful aliens, and zombies to demons, mutated rats, and a vile creature lurking in the shadows of an insane asylum.” And as you’re about to find out, the music is more than a match for the viciousness and brutality of the subject matter — because today we’re stoked to bring you the premiere of an official lyric video for one of the new songs: “Containment Breach In Sector 6“.



“Containment Breach” tells the story of the ultra-violent escape of captive aliens from their human prison and the slaughtering that begins as compromised satellites transmit the final call to arms — and “the reapers from the stars descend”. The music is a fitting soundtrack to the ensuing bloodbath.

The song begins with an utterly decimating assault of savage riffs, obliterating drums, and a searing burst of guitar shred — and there’s no let-up after that. There’s plenty more fire-breathing, fret-burning riffage in store, along with added bursts of acetylene-fueled soloing and the kind of jackhammering grooves that are capable of reducing concrete to rubble. Derek’s vocals enhance the atmosphere of thoroughly destructive mayhem that the instrumental work generates — they’re the kind of ugly, ravenous, bile-spewing excretions that would traumatize small children (and sensitive adults) for life.

If you’re a fan of turbocharged death/thrash viciousness that honors the old school while inflicting new horrors all its own, you’ll eat this up (or it will eat you up).


Harvester of Shadows is scheduled for worldwide release by Inverse Records on February 27. It’s available for pre-order now on Amazon (here, for U.S. purchasers), and additional ordering options will soon be available at this location.

One more track from the album — “Beneath the Skin” — is available for listening on Bandcamp, and we’ve included a stream of that song below our premiere of “Containment Breach In Sector 6”. Check ’em both out right now:






  1. Thank you so much, Islander!! No Clean Singing has been a huge supporter of Godless Angel from the very start and for that I’m eternally grateful! I couldn’t be more proud to have my new song premiere here! You’re awesome!

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