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(In a continuation of his recently inaugurated NCS series, KevinP runs down his list of the best releases from the month that’s about to end.)

Last month I had what seemed to be a reasonable amount of music to wade through, 24 releases.  This month, I was at 40, so naturally there were some tough cuts I had to make.  Nice problem to have, no complaints really.  Like last month (and every month), please feel free to share your comments, thoughts, and favorite releases in the Comments section below.

5.  Devouring StarThrough Lung & Heart

Very little is known about this Finnish band, who came onto the scene in 2014 with a two-song demo, and they now release their full-length album through Daemon Worship Productions.  While you will see them listed as a black metal band, it’s quite another story. 



Latter-day Deathspell Omega is a definite influence (an admission confirmed by the band), but they also has the backbone of a Finnish black/death metal band.  It’s definitely original and quite a bit to wrap your head around, but obviously very worth your time.







4.  SarpanitumBlessed Be My Brothers

I happily stumbled upon this album while searching the Mithras Facebook page looking for an update on the release of their album (which is actually due THIS YEAR, I kid you not).  So when I gave this a spin, I was perfectly content with simply viewing this as something to tide me over until that day occured.  What I wasn’t expecting was how good this album actually is and how much it sounds like their fellow countrymates (Leon Macy, drummer of Mithras, is also the drummer here).

Yes, I’m probably doing them a disservice by constantly mentioning that  “other band”, but mainman Tom Hyde is also a live member of Mithras.  Sorry, I can’t help myself.  But it’s a damn fine slab of spacey-sounding death metal dealing with Ancient Eastern mythology.







3.  PryapismeFuturologie (EP)

Wonderfully weird. Combines 8-bit gaming, world beats, jazz, island sounds, dance beats & orchestral pieces you’d hear on a movie soundtrack, into this non-disjointed hodgepodge.  The band states this release is about space, cats, and house rent.  It’s not a full-on metal assault by any means and much less “metal” than their previous album, Hyperblast Super Collider, but that doesn’t make it any less potent or interesting.  Also included is a complete classical re-orchestration of the EP as a bonus.







2.  Death KarmaThe History of Death & Burial Rituals part 1

With a band consisting of Tom Coroner & Infernal Vlad from the fanatastic Czech black metal band, Cult of Fire, be prepared for something fresh.  Much like Cult of Fire’s unique take on black metal, Death Karma mix up their black/death metal assault with varying sounds and feels, each akin to the subject matter:  the death rituals of 6 different countries.  It’s an interesting concept and a fabulous piece of work, crafted with mesmorizing songwriting and incredible production.  And just think, this is ONLY part 1!







1.  Crypt SermonOut of the Garden

Old school doom worship (ala Solitude Aeturnus/Candlemass) with enough character and flavor of its own, thus preventing it from being simply a retread.  Are we surprised at all that this is also being released by Dark Descent Records?  You can read my full-blown review over at Metal Bandcamp here—>




  1. Brilliant picks!!! The three more virile bands are already firm loves on this end. In particular, the Sarpanitum and Death Karma albums are two I suspect will stand the test of time.
    Now I need to spend some time with Crypt Sermon and Pryapisme.
    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Sarpanitum and Crypt Sermon are amazing albums, both of which I heard about here. Can’t enough of the classic doom

  3. Nice selections. I don’t know Pryapisme has a new EP coming out.

  4. great finds, Sarpanitum sounds killer 🙂

  5. It’s great to see someone else on the Pryapisme hype train (I loved Hyperblast Super Collider so much that it was my second-favorite album of the year two years ago). They’re so brilliantly weird.

    I’ve also been enjoying the hell out of Sarpanitum and Death Karma. That Sarpanitum album may be some of the most interesting death metal this side of Bölzer.

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