Apr 042015

I’ll be counting the days ’til I see you again. (Photo by Tim Flack.)

Today (Friday) my wife and I are leaving home to spend the weekend with some friends in a cabin on the Eastern side of the Cascade Mountains. I doubt there will be any internet. Even if there is, I think I would be fed to the bears and cougars as punishment for antisocial behavior if I tried to blog.

So this will be a rare weekend — in fact, only the second of its kind in the 5 1/2 years NCS has been running — when there won’t be posts on both Saturday and Sunday (and this will be the only post today — though it does include music).

We’ve posted so goddamned many things over the last week that while we’re semi-dormant maybe you could check out something you skimmed past or completely missed. Or you could listen repeatedly to the following new tunes. Grant Skelton graciously wrote about the first one for us. I didn’t have time to scribble any impressions about the one that follows, but I do recommend it.



written by Grant Skelton

This new Weedeater jam is sure to resin-ate (see what I did there?) with sludge fans worldwide. Four years after Jason…The Dragon, Weedeater have harvested another mammoth mass of twice-baked bongfuzz. Their new album, Goliathan will be released on May 19 on Season of Mist.

Noisey is offering a Soundcloud stream of the first advance track. The song is called “Cain Enabler.” The guitars and bass carry enough fuzz to tickle the ears and fill the lungs as well. Dixie Dave caws like a livid crow with his hoarse, strained vocals. Hazy, drudging, syrupy metal that’s sure to please anyone who liked the “Slow Southern Steel” documentary.










I really, really, really like this new Tau Cross song, despite the fact that I’m really slow to include it here at our site. I really like the whole self-titled album, too.

If perchance you don’t know about this multinational band, it includes Amebix vocalist/bassist Rob “The Baron” Miller, Voivod drummer Michel “Away” Langevin, Misery guitarist Jon Misery and War//Plague guitarist Andy Lefton. The album drops May 19th via Relapse Records., and the name of the song is “Lazarus”.



  6 Responses to “WEEKEND BLOG BREAK”

  1. Dixie Dave sure wheeze and hiss like a reptile, and Lazarus sounds both reckless and creepy in a disturbing devil-may-care sort of way.

    Have a mighty fine weekend.
    Wait… “spend the weekend with some friends in a cabin”, you say? Sounds like the famous last word of oh so many (horror) movie characters. We all hope you survive, with what’s left of your sanity intact. Be sure to bring a chainsaw and a shotgun just in case. 😉
    Enjoy nature, social life and some time off!

  2. Loving both of these tracks – Weedeater sound just like they always do (in the best possible way), and Tau Cross has proved to be quite an earworm with some of its post-punk-y hooks.

  3. Have a good break Islander, god knows you deserve it – oh wait this is metal blog – the devil, maybe lucifer knows you need a break too…

    Also, your weekend away with friends in a cabin sounds like the set up to every second horror movie out there, so here’s hoping you come back and aren’t sacrificed by Sigouney Weaver to subterranean giants 😉

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