Jun 092015


I’m late to this party, but it’s a hell of a party, so late is way better than never. And plus, these two bands and their new songs just seemed to call out for a union (jack).


Mötorhead’s 22nd studio album, Bad Magic, is due for release on August 28. Sometime last week one of the album’s new songs, “Thunder & Lightning”, was uploaded to YouTube, and it’s still there — for which I’m grateful, since I missed it when it first surfaced. It’s such a fuckin’ good song.



The riffs are absolutely killer (and lethally infectious), Lemmy sounds amazingly good, and the thing just about spools out of control when a shrieking guitar solo erupts. It’s a raucous, rampaging bruiser of a track. Amazing that a band with this many miles on the tread is able to kick out something that rocks this hard. I bow my head in humble thanks.









Hellbastard haven’t been around quite as long as Mötorhead (forming up in 1985 v. 1975), but they’re a kind of UK rock ‘n’ roll royalty in their own right. Some say they were the band who created the “crust” wave of the 1980s. Some say they coined the genre name “crust” with their 1986 demo release Ripper Crust. They also get a lot of credit as an early crossover thrash band.

By 1992 the band had fallen apart, but they re-formed in 2008, and now they’ve got a new album named Feral that’s due for a July 17 release on Patac Records. It includes guest appearances by Rob “The Baron” Miller (Tau Cross, ex-Amebix), Andy “A. Droid” Wiggins (ex-Amebix), and Andy Sneap (ex-Sabat/Hell).

There’s a song on the album named “We Are Coven” that consists of three parts — “For All Crippled Woods”, “I Spit You Poison”, and “Let Them Blast Their Brains”. I found out only yesterday that Hellbastard released a music video for that three-part song back in March, and the music blows me away.

I’m going to throttle my usual desire to describe the music and say only that it’s an interesting and perhaps unexpected progression, from the slow and melodic to the furious and… yeah… feral (and man, it’s really catchy, too). It seems obviously to be the product of a lot of careful thought and strong feeling; it inspires emotions as well as expressing them. Some great lines in the lyrics, too.




  1. I missed the debut of “Thunder and Lightning”, they still sound like the same old badass Motorhead 🙂
    I’m late to the Hellbastard party but they sound killer!

  2. Nice….Aftershock showed Lemmy and the boys could still go so Im looking forward to the new one

  3. Big fan of that Motorhead track. Lemmy’s still got it, even with the recent health scares.

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