Jun 112015


(KevinP wrote this introduction to a teaser of new music from Norway’s Madder Mortem.)

There’s nothing more enjoyable than when Islander gets his panties so deeply in a bind over a NO HARSH SINGING band, that it takes the skills of SurgicalBrute to remove them.  And as much as I relish his temporary misery, I am grateful that he essentially gives me free reign to talk about what I want (and feel is warranted).  Which brings us to perhaps the most important musical thing for me this year, new MADDER MORTEM music.

It’s been 6 years since their last album, Eight Ways, and while the wait has been semi-agonizing, it also makes the heart grow fonder.  The band released a 3-minute teaser last week with samples of 3 songs to their forthcoming sixth full length album, Red in Tooth and Claw.  Even though it’s only a teaser, it’s enough to get me very very excited, maybe almost too excited.

As much as I love Bolt Thrower, My Dying Bride, and Immolation, these Nords get me as close to fanboy mode as I’ll ever be.  I first began to fall under their spell sometime after their third full-length album was released in 2002, DeadlandsAgnete M. Kirkevaag’s voice was so powerful and commanding, it sounded like a much more dynamic and metal version of Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane).

By the time 2006’s masterpiece, Desiderata, was released, I had fully drunk the kool-aid and have been utterly enthralled with them ever since.   Nine years ago I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Ms. Kirkevaag (which was surreal at the time) and I plan to do the same once the new album is released later this year.

So, besides the fact that I could listen to Agnete read the phone book and be a happy camper, what is it that wets my whistle about this band you ask?  It feels real and genuine, they don’t fit nicely into any specific genre or subset.  Call it atmospheric, dark metal, avantgarde, progressive, jazz — they mix them all into one big happy emotional pot.

And like any band you hold near and dear to your heart, I’m simply befuddled if someone isn’t moved by THAT VOICE.  Yeah I know, different strokes for different folks, but I’ll still be shaking my head in dismay if you can’t hop aboard this train.

So here it is, in all its 176 seconds of glory (the band’s Facebook is here):




  1. Very cool, she has a great voice 🙂

  2. Love this group! “Where Dream and Day Collide” first caught my attention, but much of there other repertoire has drawn me in as well. It is very encouraging to see that they are still actively creating new things, which sound lovely in the preview here. Madder Mortem, please come and play in the U.S. for a bit!

  3. Wow, I thought this band had hung it up a long time ago. There’s no end to the stuff I miss, not being on Facebook. Anyways, I’m glad that they’re back with new music. I was hooked from the moment I heard To kill and kill again from All flesh is grass some 10-15 years back. Amazing, powerful voice and great musicianship.

  4. damn. Years ago I had one of their CDs, and I also thought they were broken up.

    desiderata sounds amazing in the iTunes samples!

  5. A visit to iTunes and a slightly drained bank account, and I am quite enjoying All Flesh is Grass.

    You are right…THAT VOICE.

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