Jun 302015


Time flies, and sometimes the good things it carries away, it brings back again with renewed pleasure. Almost exactly three years ago I stumbled across (and wrote about) an excellent EP entitled Solar by a New Jersey band named Windfaerer. I had forgotten about the band as the years rolled on, but the memories of that wonderful discovery have now been rekindled — because Windfaerer have finally completed their second full-length, Tenebrosum. Today we’ll give you a glimpse of what it holds in store as we premiere the album’s first track, “Celestial Supremacy“.

Windfaerer’s name signifies one who travels with the wind, and the album’s name — which draws from the archaic term for the Atlantic Ocean (“Mare Tenebrosum”), meaning “sea of darkness” — underscores the conceptual connection of the band’s music to the idea of setting sail upon unknown waters, with both perils and the hope of new discovery lying ahead along the path carved by the wind.



With hammering riffs, thundering drums, and a squalling lead guitar, “Celestial Supremacy” immediately conjures vivid images of storm-tossed seas. The music is accented by Ben Karas’ violin performance, which is both beautiful and searing, while guitarist Michael Gonçalves’ passionate, bleeding-edge howls and shrieks enhance the music’s driving intensity. There is blood-pumping fury in the song, as well as captivating melody, as the band weave together elements of black metal and melodic death metal to produce a riveting, powerhouse piece of music that hits with the force of a gale.

Tenebrosum is being released as a DIY effort by the band on September 22 — though it’s a conundrum to me why no label has yet seized upon it. That, too, may change in the fullness of time. But either way, fans of well-written, superbly performed heavy music will have something great to look forward to.

Windfaerer will be embarking on an east coast tour tomorrow. If you’re near one of these venues, you’ll have the chance to hear music from this impressive new album in a live setting — so get yourselves out there!

7/01/15 Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY
7/17/15 Championship Bar – Trenton, NJ
7/24/15 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
8/01/15 Pocono Folk Metal Fest – Stroudsburg, PA

Check out Windfaerer on Facebook via the link below — and enjoy “Celestial Supremacy” next.



  1. Wow, that’s crazy heavy 🙂

  2. Nice to see they are still kicking total ass! Ready for the new album!!

  3. I really dug that last EP of theirs. Glad to see they are coming out with some new stuff. Sounds great.

  4. Wasn’t privy to these guys yet – I might not’ve been lurking around here yet. Great stuff.

    • Even if your were lurking back then, if you could remember that mention from 2 years ago, your memory would be a hell of a lot better than mine.

  5. Very nice…I’ll be looking forward hearing more from this one

  6. Gone for a couple weeks. Come back to this. Nice.

  7. Very cool, nice pagan vibe. Keen for the album. :.::

  8. Mmmm….. nice.

  9. Quite unique, and not a bit disappointing

  10. Have loved everything these guys have put out up until now. This is some next level shit! Love it!

  11. I just discovered these guys on Bandcamp (and promptly purchased Tribus). I came here hoping for a newly released album only to discover it won’t be out until September. I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with getting the EP too.

    I blame you for the sadness in my heart, though, Islander. Damn you with the burn of a thousand fire-syphilis-infested penises.

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