Oct 082015

Wilt-Moving Monoliths


2015 may be the best year yet for releases by Bindrune Recordings. In addition to stellar offerings from PanopticonAldaInfera Bruo, and Nechochwen, on October 30 the label also plans to release the debut full-length by Wilt from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Entitled Moving Monoliths, it will be adorned by gatefold cover art created by the fantastic Nick Keller from New Zealand.

The band previously released a tantalizing teaser of excerpts from the album, but now we bring you more than mere moments of music. We’re very pleased to host the album’s first mammoth track — “Illusion of Hope”. Like all four of the songs on Moving Monoliths, it’s a long piece of music, but it’s a prodigious work in more ways than simply its unusual length.


Wilt 2015


With this song, Wilt demonstrate in striking fashion a grasp of the unexpected beauty to be found in crushing loss. We can leave to another day the mystery of why music that’s so forlorn and painfully anguished as the first three doom-influenced minutes of this song can be so enthralling — but enthralling it most definitely is. Yet it is also a prelude, an atmospheric introduction to what becomes a coursing surge of melodic black metal.

The heart-aching quality of the music established in those opening minutes doesn’t change, but it intensifies as the drum rhythms accelerate and Jordan Dorge’s savage and anguished vocals join the sound of sweepingly panoramic guitar chords and the warm rumble of the bass. As this river of sorrow flows onward, it becomes more all-consuming and wrenching until its force is spent — and yet the mystery remains, because the song’s melodies remain as sublime as they are bereft.

As emotionally potent as this song is, we’ll tell you right now that the album as a whole is even more devastating and majestic — an immersive and transformative listening experience that should make a big impact for these Canadians.

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  1. Killer track! I could stare at that artwork for hours 🙂

  2. great track!!

  3. Bindrune continues to knock it out of the park. I’m loving the doomy atmosphere to this track.

  4. Uh-oh, wonder how this is going to pan out for the Wilt from Seattle.

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