Oct 292015

Society by Anton Semenov

Artwork by Anton Semenov

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve had to fly across the country from Seattle for my fucking day job.  It’s a quick trip, because I’ll be getting home again late tonight, but what I’m having to do is leaving me with no time for NCS.

So far, I’ve had no time to listen to music, much less to write about it.  And I doubt that’s going to change before I get back on an airplane this afternoon to head home.

In a further twist of fate, it just happens that I have nothing in hand from any of our site’s other writers to post today either.

If I do get a break before returning home later today, I’ll post something that I now have in mind. If that doesn’t work out, you might scroll back through our pages and maybe find something you missed.

P.S. I really shouldn’t bitch too much about my job. Most days, it leaves me with a lot of time for NCS, and it does make it possible to pay the expenses of the site so that we don’t have to advertise or figure out some other way to make money from it. But I’m sure I’ll continue to bitch anyway.

  19 Responses to “A DAY OFF”

  1. Consider it a healthy break to reload those batteries and add stamina to your enthusiasm.
    Incredible artwork, by the way.
    Check this version as well:

    (This is just a testi to see if this forum accepts html code).

    • The black and white version is great! (And I wish I was reloading my batteries, but after 4 hours of sleep last night, I’m feeling pretty drained at the moment, and I suspect I’ll really be beat to shit by the time I get home late tonight. What will recharge my batteries will be getting back to blogging!)

  2. Being an International Man of Mystery is not an easy task.

  3. Oh, I’m ok with that. Since I just recently discovered this site, I’ve got a giant backlog of articles to read 🙂 Safe travels!

  4. Well, let me help with 1 new band and 2 relativity obscure ones. The first one is a band out of New Zealand, great rock with a tinge of doomyness in the mix, Hunt the Witch

    Next up, Mexico, and Acrania. This is in my top ten this year for sure, mariachi metal? Hell Yeah!

    And lastly Slugdge Dim & Slimeridden: These guys, if you can get over the snail worship, which I can, make some fuckin’ heads bang right here.

    Please visit the bands bandcamp in the descriptions.

  5. “My fucking day job”. Lol. I do get a kick out of that being yr defacto description.
    Hope the day moves fast!! Cant wait to grip that new Lost Soul tomorrow!

  6. I could write a book on all the things I don’t like about my job and I spend every minute there wishing I waa home. But at the end of the day I know I’m lucky to be employed.

  7. I mean in the meantime the new Horrendous is streaming at Stereogum – might as well just listen to that on repeat until something shows up here again.

  8. My good friends in Moloken have their entire new album All is left to see on stream from Bandcamp.


    Also, Firespawn has their debut album on the way. Here’s a track from it called Ruination (is that a word, like Repentless?), I totally missed it when it was released in September. In short, if you like this song you’ll love the album. Pure death fury.


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