Dec 292015

Latitudes-Old Sunlight


As the old year gasps its final fetid breaths, it’s time to start looking ahead to the new one. On January 22 Debemur Morti Productions will bring us the third album by the UK band Latitudes. Entitled Old Sunlight, it will be a good way to help launch 2016. But you won’t have to wait until January to explore the music, because today we bring you the premiere of a new song: “Body Within A Body“.

As you listen to the song, you may be scratching your heads in puzzlement over our site’s name once again, because this is an exception to our “rule” — but one that’s well-deserved. Beneath the high, clean vocals, drifting like wispy clouds, there is a storm breaking in the music. Mammoth riffs and bruising drum beats smash like a deluge, while dissonant, flickering guitar leads flash like lightning.


Latitudes-Live 2015
Photo by Jose Ramo Caamano for Chaos Theory

The storm clouds pass soon enough, opening the skies to soft, hazy sunlight as the band weave a hypnotic ambient interlude. When the storm breaks again, it’s a staggering moment, and the head-spinning guitar flurries and grim tremolo grinding that follow build the music to a crescendo, as the vocals turn from ghostly to cries of passion.

Drawing from a multitude of metal traditions, Latitudes have created kaleidoscopic music that’s heavy, melodic, progressive, and mesmerizing. Get your first taste of it below.

Old Sunlight is available for pre-order now — on vinyl (here), a special limited edition vinyl (here), CD (here), and digitally (here).



  1. Body Within A Soul would be a cooler name! Sounds cool, though.

  2. it’s like a Katatonia and Isis lovechild

  3. I know it’s new, I know I’ve only listened to this three times, and I know there will be so much more later, but I have to say it… I love this.

  4. This is truly fantastic. The endless barrage of great underground music never halts.

  5. wow this is incredible, guitar work reminds me of krallice, yet the song feels structured like something amen-ra does i love it

  6. Stunning track.

  7. Love this track, one album im really looking forward too in 2016.
    The cleans work really well on this track because the music always take the forefront, They don’t try to drown out the music like many other bands do. Glad to see others are waiting for this to drop.

  8. If you like this check out their old stuff. Epic and awesome.

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