Dec 292015



Born December 24, 1945. Died December 28, 2015.

Shit, this hurts.


  10 Responses to “R.I.P. LEMMY”

  1. I’m so grateful that my son and I were able to see Motorhead in concert while Lemmy was still healthy and kicking ass. We’ll never forget that awesome day. RIP Lemmy \m/

  2. So fucking bummed about this,I knew he was sick but it’s still a shock to lose such a legend,he’ll be sorely missed 🙁

  3. Even with all the recent health issues, it always seemed like he’d live forever

    Thank you Lemmy \m/

  4. Thank you Lemmy for years of reliably awesome music. RIP.

  5. Pretty much everything I listen to wouldn’t exist without Motorhead. RIP.

  6. I was fortunate to see them 3 times and they were the first band that got me into hard rock/metal back in ’79 when I first heard ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ on the radio. Thanks Lemmy for 30+ years of some amazing rock music.

  7. Lemmy, an institution of rock. I had the chance to see them live last year, after a couple times I couldn’t go and i’m so glad I can say i’ve seed Motorhead live, because this guys are the best. You’ll be sorely missed, Lemmy.

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