Feb 102016

Infernal Curse-Apocalipsis


I discovered Argentina’s Infernal Curse when Iron Bonehead Productions released their EP The End Upon Us in 2014 (on Bandcamp here), which I gather represented an evolution in sound from their 2012 debut album Awakening of the Damned. Iron Bonehead is now poised to release the band’s second album, aptly entitled Apocalipsis, and it represents even further movement — not forward, or backward, but through some interdimensional membrane on a course that takes them (and us) into a realm where horrors reign supreme.

Litanies Unto Djinn” is the album’s second track, and we bring it to you today, as a ghastly offering to the dark things the lurk in your mind. With the rhythmic tick of a cymbal and slow, dismal, distorted chords, the band launch the song with a foreshadowing of the doom to come — and then the true carnage begins.


Infernal Curse band


The music becomes a storm of deep, slashing riffs and eerie, booming notes, accelerating even more into a thundering race, with the drums driving like pistons. There’s a cold, heartless, flesh-devouring quality to the music, made even more harrowing by the doubled howls and roars that echo behind the instrumental savagery like emanations from the void, and a burst of demented, superheated soloing.

Infernal Curse are very effective at quickly generating an unearthly atmosphere of ravening ferocity and inhuman malice, but the skull-crushing rhythms and booming chords also punch those buttons that get heads moving and adrenaline flowing. In my case, it’s as if they’ve found a way to inject addictive chemicals through my headphones. As psychotic and hallucinatory as the song is, I have felt the urge to put it on repeat; just one or two vigorous batterings by this iron fist isn’t enough. Definitely my kind of black/death butchery.

There are eight other frighteners encompassed by Apocalipsis, including the song “Obituaries” which you can also stream below. Soon, I hope to extricate myself from the murky depths of “Litanies” and discover what other convulsive nightmares await within the album.

Apocalipsis will be released by Iron Bonehead on February 26. Pre-order here.




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