Feb 292016

Mgla live video


By now, when I say that Mgła’s Exercises In Futility is an album for the ages, I expect no argument.

Yesterday these Polish magicians posted a video of a live performance of the song “VI” from that album. The video, which was filmed during the the Nidrosian Black Mass Aftermath tour in December, is as much a work of art as that magnificent album — and I bow my head in respect to Woda i Pustka, who filmed and edited it.

At first I had thought to include this video as one of several items for a Monday “Seen and Heard” post, but then decided that it really deserved to stand alone.

I’m still stricken with grief over my inability to attend Mgła’s performance in Seattle last year. This film only increases my yearning to see the band… someday… somewhere… very soon.




  1. They’re a tough one to miss. Their Chicago show left me absolutely in thrall.

  2. Normally not really a fan of live recordings, but this still made a great impression on me — particularly 3:57, which is as stunning as it is on the album itself.

    Also, I really like the masks, interpreting them as “we’re not important — pay attention to the music instead”; a philosophy I thoroughly support. Less ego, more great music.

  3. Is now a good time to remind you that you also missed them at MDF 2014? Although I will say having them perform on an outdoor stage, mid-day in the glaring sunlight had a certain duality of character that was hard to shake.

    • That was a lousy time slot …in addition to playing in the sun, I think they only got a measly 30 minutes (they honestly should have had Enthroned’s spot at the Rams head). They still tore it up though…

    • You’re really not helping me feel better. Yes, I missed that set too, and I can’t even remember why,

  4. awesome video, they sound amazing!

  5. Probably my favorite song lyrically from this album, the opening of the second verse ‘As if everything was to be made right one day/dreams don’t come true for people like us’ and the closing lines of ‘As if all this was something more than another footnote on a postcard from nowhere/another chapter in the handbook for exercises in futility’ are both just absolute gut punches.

  6. Brilliant. This song and the entire album for that matter gives me the shivers. And that for me signals I am experiencing something great. Moves something inside of me. I too missed them when stopped by Oakland last year. Alas, grateful for the clips. Cheers!

  7. Saw them a few weeks ago in Turku, great performance, only issue was that the base was missing for most of the gig – enjoyable none the less.

    They also supported Clandestine Blaze (who were headlining) on the same night and that was fun.

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