Mar 012016

Decrepit Soul-The Coming of War


Australia’s Decrepit Soul could hardly have chosen a better title for their new album than The Coming of War!!. As the successor to last year’s debut full-length Uncreated and Eternal, it is even more barbarous and warlike — and you will discover that for yourselves through our premiere of a new song with the equally well-chosen title of “Storm of Steel“.

On this new record, scheduled for release by Iron Bonehead on March 18, vocalist/guitarist Kakorot is joined for the first time by drummer Marcus Hellcunt (Vomitor, ex-Bestial Warlust and Gospel of the Horns), and together they make a powerful two-man death-dealing machine.


Decrepit Soul band pic


The eerie, gloomy, reverberating notes that begin “Storm of Steel” and the mammoth, staggering finale to the song (pierced by the sounds of machine-gun fire and explosive detonations) are signs of the band’s commitment to creating an atmosphere of dread and death. And in between, all hell breaks loose.

With a martial drumbeat and the thunder of ominous chords, the band signal their assault, which erupts in a feeding frenzy of deep, grinding riffs, blasting percussion, and high, hoarse howls. There’s something cold and merciless about the song’s raging intensity, but this hybrid of black/death ferocity is also undeniably electric — powerfully produced and gripping in its immediacy.

And how about that killer cover art? The imagery is as good a match for the music as the  album and song titles.


The Coming of War!! will be released on March 18 by Iron Bonehead on both LP and CD formats.



  1. Hell, even if this didnt rock, Id buy it for the killer cover art…Thats some Warhammer 40k shit right there

  2. Now this is more like it.

  3. Damn, this is savage.

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