Mar 012016

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(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a new song by Equipoise.)

One of our favorite things to do here at NCS is to show you new groups you might not find out about otherwise. In keeping with that ethos, we’ve got an exclusive premiere to show you today for a new technical death metal band called Equipoise.

While the band’s architect and composer, Pittsburgh-based guitarist Nick Padovani, is a new name in tech-death circles, he made sure to assemble a jaw-dropping lineup to help him achieve his vision, making for a mix of session players on the record consisting of several of today’s best musicians within the technical death metal scene —  along with a ton of equally impressive guest spots on various songs by other  well-respected people!

The song we have for you today is called “A Suit Of My Flesh”, and the creepy cool title definitely aligns well with their inspired take on tech-death.

It starts off with a dirge-like riff that’s atypical for this sound, and one that’s reminiscent of Necrophagist. But once the song kicks into high gear it has a lot more in common with the style of tech-death that Vale Of Pnath do so well — which is where things get coincidental, as current Vale Of Pnath vocalist Stevie Boiser is the vocalist for Equipoise as well. Though he has a bit of help on this song from a guest spot by Gorod vocalist Julien “Nutz” Deyres, who adds some extra demented vocal flair to a track already loaded with vicious vocals by Stevie.

Fretless bassist Hugo Doyon-Karout (Beyond Creation) also adds a lot of spicy texture to the song, and even contributes a bass solo that I really dig!

The riffing and lead interplay between Nick Padovani and Zach Hohn is a phenomenal experience in and of itself. They cycle through numerous killer riffs and spell-binding leads in equal measure and never cease to amaze.

The drum track on this song was programmed by Nick Padovani, though it’s worth noting that Guyot Benoit will be performing drums for the recording of the band’s debut album.

All in all, it’s a song that should impress and win over fans of technical death metal. Having heard demo versions and pieces of several other things, I can confidently say that Equipoise is a project worth keeping an eye on.

Here’s is a complete roster of the line-up for future material:

Stevie Boiser – Vocals/lyrics
Nick Padovani – Composition, Rhythm/Lead Guitars
Zach Hohn – Rhythm/Lead Guitars
Hugo Doyon-Karout – Fretless bass (current Beyond Creation bassist)
Guyot Benoit -Drums (Brought by Pain, ex-Beyond Creation)

The band’s first album is as yet untitled and may not see release until next year, but we hope this premiere will help get people interested in Equipoise and looking forward to the day when they release something more substantial.


  1. Awesome!

  2. Great track, a frenzy of killer fretwork!

  3. haha yeahh, yo nick i’ll pop you in the jaw

  4. Too disjointed, even saying it’s “Technical” death metal won’t help that it sounds like the musical equivalent of gibberish. Was really hoping something good would grow out of this shit hole town besides yinzers giving way to more yinzers.

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