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Ashcloud-Children of the Chainsaw


Last week was another one in which I noticed lots of new songs and videos but didn’t have time to round them up, in part because I was writing about a flood of new songs that we were premiering ourselves. So now I’m doing what I failed to do earlier — but because I waited, the round-up has become jumbo-sized. Consequently, I’ve kept my introductions to the music brief and haven’t taken the time to consistently add album art or links as I usually do. When I did something like this last weekend (except with even fewer words), I said I didn’t intend to make a habit of it. I still don’t.

For those who pay attention to such things, I also failed to post Part 3 of the Shades of Black series I began at the start of the week. But I will do that tomorrow. Now, presented in alphabetical order, here are new songs and videos from 17 bands.


On May 1, Xtreem Music will release the new album by Sweden’s Ashcloud. The album’s title tells you a lot of what you need to know about the music: Children of the Chainsaw. Here’s the title track — smoking, tree-felling, crusty Swedish death metal that’s awfully damned sweet.






In what twisted and un-kvlt universe would someone follow an Ashcloud song with a BabyMetal video? Well, mine of course.

Here’s what our old Tokyo-based pal Phro had to say about the video for the song “Karate” in his gig at RocketNews24:

“As for the video, it’s an incredibly slick production with heavy use of special effects, moody lighting, and intense costume design. We’re not sure we’d go so far as to say that it represents a more mature BABYMETAL, but it definitely seems indicative of a move towards a dark tone with a greater emphasis on the metal aspect of their “kawaii metal” music. An emphasis we absolutely love.”

“Karate” appears on the band’s full-length album Metal Resistance, due for release on April 1.






In what twisted universe would someone follow a BabyMetal video with a song from BAT? Welcome to my world.

This track is called “Bloodhounds” and it comes from Wings of Chains, a 12-song firestorm of filth and fury that Hells Headbangers plans to release on June 10. Get ready to fly…





One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache is the name of a collaborative recording by Portland’s The Body and Full of Hell from the east coast, to be released on March 25 by Neurot Recordings. This next video is for the album’s second song “Fleshworks”, and it was made by Mitch Wells of the band Thou.

via Noisey





The line-up of guests for the new album by the Italian band Darkend is eye-opening: Attila Csihar (Mayhem), Niklas Kvarforth (Shining), Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ), and Labes C.N. (Abysmal Grief). Their new album The Canticle of Shadows will be released on April 25 by Non Serviam Records, and this is the first single: “Clavicula Salomonis”:





In the last few days my Facebook news feed has been blowing up with people talking about the second season of DevilDriver, and about how it includes The Punisher and Elektra. I looked pretty closely at this YouTube clip, and I didn’t see either one of them. I’m beginning to think I’m the victim of some vast conspiracy….






Last month we premiered a stream of the wonderful new album Ufonaut by Poland’s Entropia. But the stream was incomplete — it was missing a song named “Gentile” that appears as a bonus track on the vinyl edition of Ufonaut. However, on March 13 Entropia made the song available for free download on Bandcamp. It’s completely enthralling blackened post-metal, with an especially ear-worming bass line.





I’m getting good reports from Andy Synn about Fallujah‘s new album Dreamless, which Nuclear Blast will release on April 29. Here’s a play-through video for the brand new song “Scar Queen” that appeared yesterday:






At the end of February we premiered a song from the new album, Kuebiko, by Finland’s Gloria Morti (which was released on March 18 via Willowtip). Coincident with the release, the band premiered a new song and music video called “Executioner.” Check it out below:

via Revolver





Here’s an excerpt of a remix by Ronnie Björnström of the Hail of Bullets song “Swoop of the Falcon” — which features the band’s new vocalist, the almighty Dave Ingram.






I’ve been crowing about Mantar‘s new album Ode To the Flame and featuring every single released from it, so why should today be any different? The latest song debut, which appeared on March 16 via Noisey (with an interview), is “Schwanenstein”:






I interrupt this roll-out of new song and video premieres with a stream of a demo by Denver’s Molok, which was self-released via Bandcamp on March 15, because I felt in the mood for some powerslop. That’s actually the word that Modok apply to their music. Pretty accurate.





At the beginning of this month we posted Wil Cifer’s review of the eagerly anticipated new album Jumalten Aika by Finland’s Moonsorrow, due for release on April 1 by Century Media. The album includes a bonus disc with covers of songs by Grave and Rotting Christ, and earlier this week we got the premiere of the latter cover song: “Non Serviam”. Enjoy it below:






On March 17 October Tide delivered unto our ears another advance track from their new album Winged Waltz, coming on April 22 via Agonia Records. This one is called “Nursed By the Cold”:






This next song isn’t new — it seems to have appeared back in January — but the album from which it comes was just released on March 18 by War Anthem Records. The track is “Codex Anti” from Omega Void Tribvnal, the eighth full-length by the long-running German death machine Purgatory.






To conclude this round-up, I’ve selected a song from the first full-length by Stockholm’s Victims since 2011. The name of the album is Sirens. It was recorded at Studio Gutterview by Fred Estby (Dismember, At The Gates, Refused), mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (Iron Reagan, Nails, Integrity), and it will be discharged by Tankcrimes Records on April 15. This particular song is “Walls”, but an even newer one named “Errors” premiered at Revolver on March 17.


  1. Yes…cannot wait for that BAT full length, really digging that Purgatory as well

    Ashcloud seems solid, but not mindblowing

    Musically Hail of Bullets sounds great. Vocally…man do they really lose something without MVD. Ingram is a solid enough singer, but he’s really nothing to write home about either, and HoB kind of suffers because of that

  2. Hail of Bullets sounds fantastic!! \m/

  3. Darkend has a hell of a lineup, that’s for sure.

    I’m also probably contractually obligated to say that on the note of that Body and FOH collab, The Body’s new album came out yesterday, and it’s fantastic so you should all buy it.

  4. Dude the 2nd season of devildriver sucks balls,the whole cast are as boring as watching flys fuck.

  5. The only way someone would follow a Baby Metal video with a Bat song is if they were secretly a “Sumerian Core” fan while being cooed by chipmunk sounding little girls but felt so guilty by the fact that they had no choice. Ha Ha! but seriously,great post and some cool shit! That Hail of Bullets is the sauce! Looking forward to Fallujah as well!

  6. I’m liking the twisted and demented universe on offer here. That Babymetal track is sounding better than when I first heard it.

    Darkend is fantastic, I’ll be keeping an eye on that release for sure. Also, I’ve never really heard much Devildriver but this second season sounds good to my ears… And the new Fallujah sounds like it won’t disappoint either. The twisted universe has so much goodness on offer 🙂

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