Apr 152016

Au Champ Des Morts cover


Debemur Morti Productions have discovered yet another gem amidst the great piles of detritus that litter the metal scene. This time the band is a young French group named Au Champ Des Morts. ACDM was founded in 2014 by Stefan Bayle (Anorexia Nervosa) and Migreich (VULV). DMP will introduce them to discerning listeners through the release of a debut, two-track 7″ EP entitled Le Jour Se Léve and will follow that later this year with the band’s first album. What we have for you today is a stream of the EP’s title track.

The song is not confined by rigid genre boundaries, though black metal beats at its heart. At the start, the music crashes like waves driven by a storm surge, with a moving blast-front of intensely emotional melody pierced by savage vocal cries. After that initial gale of ripping guitars and pulsing rhythms, the force subsides, replaced by ethereal guitar notes and the ambient shimmer of keyboards.


ACDM 2016


The power of the music begins to build again, with a heart-aching melody and a soulful guitar solo paving the way toward a renewal of the song’s wrenching intensity, capped by yet another guitar solo — this one drenched in tears — and a final orgy of thundering drums and truly throat-shredding vocal explosiveness. It’s a gripping piece of atmospheric, melodic black metal that succeeds in making your blood rush even as it casts a shadow of sorrow and loss. A very auspicious debut indeed.


Bass on the EP was performed by Cecile G., with drums by Wilhelm. The cover art, design, and layout were created by Dehn Sora.

Le Jour Se Léve will be released on June 24 and can be pre-ordered on vinyl HERE or as a digital download at Bandcamp:




  1. Debemur Morti has indeed found another diamond in the rough with this one. Can’t wait to hear more.

  2. Whoa this is so good, I had no idea

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