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Qliphothic Rites of Death has been seething in the underground for many years, like a vein of radioactive ore covered in deep black earth, waiting to be unearthed so that its arcane energies and spectral light could spread and be experienced. This week that will happen, as Iron Bonehead Productions releases this rarity on 7″ vinyl, and today we premiere both of its songs.

Qliphothic Rites of Death, originally recorded in 2010 and circulated then in small quantities, is the lone release of Seventh Xul, a unique collaboration between two luminaries of the Greek black metal scene — vocalist Acherontas V.Priest of Acherontas (and many other projects) and guitarist/bassist N.E.C.R.O of Burial HordesEnshadowed, and other groups — with session drumming by Fotis Benardo (Necromantia, ex-Septicflesh).

In the band’s own words, “The Ayin of Creation and Destruction Forces crowned this effort, and the necromantical vision took form in 2010 only for this release.The band split up immediately, as we felt that this was our only goal from the beginning. A unique release serving that period of wondering & isolation….”


seventh xul - band


The A-side track was publicly revealed in April, and I attempted to describe it then along with the second song, which I had been fortunate to hear in advance of its release. Both of them combine elements of death metal and black metal with great success.

Sitra Ahra” meshes together deep, jagged, earth-trembling chords, sinister tremolo vibrations, and lead melodies that are unearthly and draconic. The music is at times a swarming tornado of violence, and at other times an ominous march, and the vocal expressions of Acherontas V. Priest are even more varied, ranging from infernal whispers to inflamed howls of passion.

The introduction of the B-side song “Serpent’s Divinity” immediately establishes a supernatural atmosphere, but the music soon grows in power, driven by a riveting drum progression and a deep, grinding/swirling riff. The song again displays a lot of dynamism, sometimes groaning like anchor chains of doom dragging across a cavern floor, at other times jabbing like viper strikes or attacking like a threshing machine with a predatory mind of its own. And while the music is undeniably perilous and predatory in its atmosphere, there is a grim grandeur in the melodies, as befits the song’s title.


Qliphothic Rites of Death will be released on the 27th of May.




  1. Damn I love Fotis’ drumming

  2. Really digging this!

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